Brio. Premieres New Single “Prosperity”.

Coming off the May release of his latest single 'Mallard Creek'Brio. returns with another homefelt record produced by The James Malik'Prosperity.' After a short hiatus from his last drop, Brio., took time to shed light towards the unrest that us as the Black community have continued to feel over centuries in Amerikkka. By magnifying this over his hometown of Charlotte, Brio. brings it back home in a different perspective.
In 'Prosperity', Brio. takes a trip down memory lane, as he recalls the most significant pieces of his childhood and early adulthood that have shaped his life and helped identify his purpose. From relationships on the west side, to east side parties getting shot up and shut down, to taking the Bus to the south side to start the early moments of his music career. Brio. paints a story of a southern tale of love, truth, reflection and inspiration. Alongside the single Brio. also releases a visual highlighting exactly that. 
Coming from the north side of the city, (Mallard Creek Area)Prosperity Church Road is the street that Brio.'s neighborhood resides. A mainly gentrified area of North Charlotte, being one of the first sought areas during Charlotte's 'Urban Renewal' project of the 50's and 60's which unjustly displaced mainly African American neighborhoods for city wide business expansion and Interstate construction.
Coming from the North side many of those effects are still felt today if you talk and mingle around the communities of Charlotte. Not truly understanding the root of the displacement and reconstruction of the many facets of the city that have turned many of our communities against each other. 

Words by Brio. 

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