Brio Releases Debut Project '*ETHERBOX'

Charlotte, North Carolina’s own, Brio, is ready to make his debut. With the release of his debut record *ETHERBOX, the artist and producer has curated a carefully crafted record that explores the depths of time. With his own spin on OutKast’s Grammy winning album Speakerboxxx/Love Below,the EP masters a signature sound that allows Brio to carve a space in hip-hop. 

Utilizing art to heal, the creation of *ETHERBOX allows the music to resonate his outlook on time and how it affects us on a day-to-day basis. Connecting the roots of hip-hop from the North to the South, Brio has relocated to Brooklyn, New York, to piece together how the culture has influenced his sound from various locations.

With a basis on time, the EP centers itself to focus on the essence of patience. As the world continues to surprise us in unordinary ways, Brio wants to expand on how there’s a reason for every action. Taking a journey into exploring the mystery of life, he not only does so out of curiosity but also as a way to provide a deeper understanding . Brio reassures that not only does everything happen for a reason, but it happens in a specific time, one that is truly divine. *ETHERBOX is based on exactly that – the expedition of coming to realization of the space in time, and how every it ties together his piece of the story.

For Brio, this introduction onto the scene is a way for fans to resonate with his story, one that many can relate to. Such provides a commonality with how time affects every one of us in unique ways. This EP defines Brio’s specific story, but the story is not so unfamiliar. With a moment that shines a spotlight on him, the project focuses on his outlook through his own lens. He does not force a meaning that is contrived or unauthentic, but rather wants the listener to look at the depths of time through a different angle.

The project, along with the lead single “Cherryred” is sought out to be a way for Brio to earn a landmark in hip-hop. Such an ambitious goal, it proves that he is committed to the culture, and appreciates the past and the present, and respectably paces a lane for his own without erasing history.

The EP was led with production by Ethereal from Awful Records, who’s past experience includes working with Playboi Carti. The record is dominant by spacey synths that helps to capture the true escape to his vision of time.

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