Bryson Tiller Revives The Beloved ‘TRAPSOUL’ With A Deluxe Edition

Bryson Tiller officially released the deluxe edition of his debut album TRAPSOUL.




It’s safe to say that 2020 is the year of the deluxe album. Ranging from the likes of Pop Smoke to The Weeknd, it’s as if every name in the industry is trying to one up one another. While it’s quite questionable and allow ones to question if a deluxe release is necessary or not, it keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

Following suit with the deluxe release trend, Bryson Tiller does the unlikely and surprises fans with a deluxe edition of his 2015 debut album TRAPSOUL. Arriving five years ago, the album marked a major transition for the R&B genre. Bryson Tiller introduced himself with the hit “Don’t” and ever since then, the genre hasn’t been the same.
The album, TRAPSOUL, allowed the artists of the genre to further experiment with elements of trap and utilizing them with the R&B vocal style. Songs such as “Exchange” and “Sorry Not Sorry” helped to expand the horizons, proving that Bryson wasn’t a one trick pony. In fact, it proved that he was the face of the shift that genre is still relying on. 
Years later, five years later to be exact, artists of the genre as well as newer ones and artist from other genres, are still relying on the sound. As is Bryson himself. But majority of them have yet to match up to the standards that Tiller had set.
Fast forward in 2020, Tiller is reviving the album, with a deluxe edition that includes songs that fans have been demanding. Bryson writes that it was a gift for the fans, and features fan-favorites such as “Rambo” remix featuring The Weeknd. 
Also included in the album is “Just Another Interlude” and “Self Righteous”. Stream the album above. 

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