Care Package: Ranking Every Track

Returning to nostalgia on ‘Care Package’, Drake displays the vision of his discography into one compilation project. Just hours before release, Drake proclaimed the collection of loosies are some of the most important moments together between him and his fans. Spanning the decade of superstardom the project represents the greatest achievement of Drake’s career.
This era of hip-hop, and the streaming era in general, is in the hands of the Canadian rapper, as he continues to break the rules of what a traditional release is, and what it should be. Working as the polar opposite of a greatest hits album (which for Drake would probably be over 30 tracks long), Care Package connects fans to the power of nostalgia. Here are all 17 tracks ranked:
17.) "My Side" 

Sounding as if it was intended to be a bonus track from If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, the slow flow track, “My Side”, is too similar to the songs on the 2015 mixtape. It’s a filler, not the bad type of filler, but it’s just there. 

16.) "Day's In The East"

Lyrical highlight, “One night I went to Erykah Badu house, she made tea for me”, represents how only Drake is capable of getting away with a line like that. Produced by PARTYNEXTDOOR, Drake croons about a lost love, but the first half of the track is quite a snooze fest that downplays the second half of the song.

15.) "Jodeci Freestyle", feat. J.Cole

It’s hard to believe that two prominent rappers of the decade kept a collaboration unreleased for this long. As expected, the track doesn’t lack in heavy-hitting bars, as the two go back-and-forth with verses that tell a tale of having a worldwide admiration. Not on par with their previous collaboration, ‘In The Morning’, the track has the energy, but lacks an appeal. 

14.) "Can I"

Drake maintains his momentum as he somewhat battles for the spotlight with the background “can I” vocals.

13.) "Draft Day"

All hits no misses, that’s for the married folks. The perfect response to Jay Z calling him Mrs. Drizzy, Drake came out on top. Drake is having fun with this, and this is when he’s at his best, not taking himself too seriously. Basking his newfound success while just confidently reminding his competition that he’s really running the industry. 

12.) "How Bout Now"

As a transitional track between Nothing Was The Same, and If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, How Bout Now captures the elements of a killer Drake. Filled with quotables that you can’t help but smile to once you hear them, the Jodeci sampled track is Drake at his finest. 

11.) "Paris Morton Music"

Originally intended for Rick Ross’ Aston Martin Music, Drake exemplifies the balance between sweet and savage.

10.) "Girls Love Beyoncé" feat. James Fauntleroy

As an awesome pure R&B Drake track, James Funterleroy is in the drivers seat with this one, with his irresistible version of the “Say My Name” chorus. Insanely smooth, there’s absolutely nothing you can’t love about this track.

9.) "Free Spirit" feat. Rick Ross

Baring confidence, both Drake and Rick Ross represent why they’re an under appreciated duo in hip-hop. Also, 40’s use of the Sade sample is genius.

8.) "Dreams Money Can Buy"

Showcasing his pristine rapping abilities, the opening track to the Care Package, Dreams Money Can Buy, is a celebratory prelude to the hunger and passion Drake has with his art. Vintage Drake at his best + that Jai Paul sample, thank you for that.

7.)  "The Motion" feat. Sampha

The Sampha assisted 2013 deep cut, is a great mixture of aggressive bars and smooth singing. Top notch production complements Sampha’s haunting vocals, and Drake subtle emotional outcry.

6.) "4 PM in Calabasas"

Drake was a man of his words when he proclaimed that he was looking for revenge all Summer 16. Displaying his best lyrical moment of 2016, 4 PM in Calabasas alludes to the OGs who might’ve had an issue with Drake’s approach to his talent. The year of 2016 was the greatest representation of Drake’s versatility, as he continuously is able to adapt to any style, while leaving a mark that reassure that Drake is here, and he is here to stay. 

5.) "Club Paradise"

Drake will go down as being able to make music in various styles and making them sound good. Unlike anything he was releasing at the time it surfaced, Club Paradise is an underrated track. Vividness of emotion, and a great blend of uniqueness and classic Drake. 

4.) "5 AM in Toronto" 

One things for sure is that Drake doesn’t disappoint when it comes to his “time in location” tracks. A marvelous hunger displayed by Drake proves he’s capable of going toe for toe with the greats. Arguably his greatest achievement is his self-awareness, and how he wears it on his sleeves. 

3.) "I Get Lonely"

The emotional attachment Drake has with his fans, and a main reason as to why he’s so successful is the fact that his music is painfully authentic. A melodic, vulnerable performance that is probably the safest by any rapper ever, I Get Lonely is a career highlight. 

2.) "Heat of the Moment"

Reliant on a vocal sample, the track is a highlight for both Drake, and Noah Shebib (40). Still achieving the classic Drake sound, it is a fresh and original attempt to stepping out of the box. 

1.) "Trust Issues"

The best song on Care Package and arguably of Drake’s career, Trust Issues is a manifesto of emotions that hip-hop has never witnessed before. Guiding through the various eras of Drake’s career, such unreleased songs have held a special attachment to fans, that define specific periods of time. What could be considered as Drake’s best project, the greatest accomplishment is despite the dose of nostalgia, each song still sounds fresh. 

Overall Project Rating: A

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