Case Study 01: Daniel Caesar's Science Experiment

Entropy, en•tro•py/entrapē/, a concept defined through the lack of predictability. Diving head-first into abandoning a formula that had a clear opening, Daniel Caesar avoided falling into a trap of remaining the gospel-influenced, generic R&B singer that everyone expected him to be. Spiritually fusing scientific relations with psychology, Daniel explores territories to a new found energy. Offering a clear distinctive style that continues to provide a refresher for the genre, ‘Case Study 01’ is an experiment of physics and love, Daniel’s introspection on the emotion and how he wants to educate listeners. 
Offering new perspectives to how to analyze experiences with certain emotions and feelings, Daniel gets technical with a complex array of elements that demands analyzation. Immediately setting the pace for the project, ‘Entropy’ explores the scientific fascination that he has to link together the unpredictability of life and the chaos with love. Crooning over the past, Daniel and 90’s chanteuse, Brandy, pick things up where they left off, reassuring that they’ve recovered and learned from their previous breakups. Making it clear that this project is not strictly R&B, Daniel relies on elements of surprise to elevate the project
Such moments begin to appear on the Pharrell assisted, ‘Frontal Lobe Muzik’, a complex exploration on the truth of reality, and the juxtaposition of being free, and the fear that life won’t ever be the same as it was before fame. The synched-induced pre-chorus sets the tone for whatever else Daniel has up his sleeves, as lyrically he begins to be more explicit on ‘Open Up’, sonically more intriguing with ‘Restore The Feeling’ as the autotune hinted on the previous tracks appear again, with a rap verse by Sean Leon that contrasts the pace of the album, and an unexpected final 30 seconds that you wouldn’t believe to be on a Daniel Caesar album. Existing in ‘Superposition’, the singer continues to be inspired by physics to explore the nature of life, and how everything he’s inspired by, is connected to either positively or negatively effect him. 
Heavily inspired by religion on his previous album, ‘Freudian’, Daniel confronts whether or not he’s making the right decision to stay in the position of relying on faith on ‘Too Deep To Turn Back’, due to his insecurities that are also highlighted on ‘Complexities’. Since his last project, Daniel, culturally, became one of the industries villains, and this album showcases his heel turn, not due to his controversies but his unexpected risk that he gave without warning. On his debut, it seemed as if he wasn’t sure of the artist he wanted to be, and chose to play it safe with a record that represented a shy, timid, personality that came to life with his indulgent wedding like love songs. This time around, Daniel outsmarts critics; expanding his sound, unleashing a new bolder side of him that serves purpose of his romantic science experiment. Daniel is not just one thing, but he is everything.

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