Celebrating The Strokes Return To Glory


Returning in all of their much anticipated glory, The Strokes have released At The Door the lead single off of their first album in nearly 7 years. Hitting the rewind button in their attempt to revive the interest of the casualties, the band were deprived off of the one thing that made them special in the first place, being themselves, instead of being a parody version of themselves. Kicking it up a notch with a killer synth that knocks down the doors for their comeback, Julian Casablancas majestically found a way to capture the magic of The Voidz while fitting the mold of a classic Strokes song.

A synthesizer that takes full control throughout the track seems to be as if Julian reliant to develop a new sound for this new era. Instead, the vocals by the lead frontman take center stage, sending the ultimate thrill of a showcase that sounds completely improved. Lyrically, the track travels into the state of human nature, questioning society’s comfort with their everyday lifestyle. The oh so terrifying reality of failing to meet expectations will have one in a loop that much like a hour glass, it’s never ending, despite time just being wasted. Sending an outcry by banging at the door, Julian is representing the desire to rewind and hope for a restart. Marking a brand new transition into a new decade, The Strokes take full responsibility into filling the void that they left open, and they've returned like they've never left. 

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