Che Ecru 'CHE GOT WINGS' | Three Years Later and It's Still Fresh

Originally released in 2017, Che Ecru & Cardo’s collaborative EP titled Che Got Wings makes its way onto streaming services three years later. The project finds producer Cardo joining forces with the oh-so promising, on the rise R&B act Che Ecru. Released as a mixtape in 2017, the project is remastered as an EP and it still sounds as fresh as it did three years ago. 

At just five tracks, the EP instantly finds its identity and sticks with throughout each song. Che Ecru connects with the trap-soul production with a smooth croon. On the opening track “Satisifed”, Ecru sets the tone with a reassurance that he’s the one to watch. Speaking with the expected lyricism from the modern age of the genre, he fuels his storytelling abilities on something that listeners can expect, as they’ve heard it before, but from someone else.

But the lyricism isn’t the strong point on the project, and nor should it be. The follow up track “Complete” showcases a range to Che’s vocal abilities, with a comforting technique that’s pleasant to the ears. “Drop” approaches the soul-trap production with a rawer, stripped back poetic presentation to the complexities of relationships. Meanwhile “N Me” displays yet another range to his potential on a furious flow that travels through various delivery switch ups. Finally, EP closer “Declined” captures the essence of each track and blends them with a proper cliffhanger that makes you want to listen to more from Che Ecru.



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