List This: The 5 Albums Childish Gambino Can't Live Without

In an archived feature revisited by Toronto Sun, the digital outlet re-shared the moment Donald Glover was in conversation with them.

During his conversation, Donald Glover revealed the 5 Albums He Can’t Live Without:

Lauryn Hill: ‘The Miseducatiom of Lauryn Hill’

(The album he listened to the most)


Pink Floyd: ‘Dark Side of the Moon’


Kanye West: ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy’ 

(Initially pondered on which Kanye record to choose from) 


Fiona Apple: ‘When The Pawn Hits the Conflicts’

(Initially chose ‘Tidal’)


Stevie Wonder: ‘Songs in the Key of Life’


Listen to the CTRL Childish Gambino inspired playlist, JAZZIDELIC, here

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