CrasH Talk was a crash collision of ideas

Stirring away from all expectations and comparisons, ‘CrasH Talk’, is just a bad album. Sure you can appreciate Q’s attempt with a new sound, but it’s just lazy with no substance. In a poor effort to glue together a bunch of outtakes, CrasH Talk is a compilation album of over-processed ideas just for the sake of desperately wanting to be distinctive. Q is undeniably at his best over hardcore beats but this album showcases the complete opposite. It’s as if Q is defeated, lacking the energy that makes his work so appealing, curating an album while depressed, conveying his emotions, but just sounding bored doing so. The greatest achievement from this three year wait is the fact that Q is in a better place, but the biggest disappoint stems from Q being uninspired, and the outcome being a half-assed project that isn’t as distinctive that we, as listeners, are supposed to think it is
The standard of this album is placed at Q doing the bare minimum, theres nothing worthwhile on the album (besides Dangerous), and just when it starts to reach above average, it gets weighed back down with the amount of lows matched with features that pretty much add nothing to the project. Unlike unconventional hip-hop albums we’ve been accustomed to in the past (Yeezus, Big Fish Theory, Testing), CrasH Talk lacks an aesthetic to thematically piece it together. Each track is built upon minimalistic trap beats and a mellow flow, it’s unconvincing, nor does Q bother to convince listeners. The general census within the hip-hop community is that fans are afraid to admit that an album is actually bad, but you can appreciate the artist’s attempt while still criticizing them for their faults. To sum it all up, is CrasH Talk a terrible album? No. It’s just a disappointment.

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