CTRL Best Albums of the Decade


Over the years, the music of the 2010s could be defined as the decade of experimentation. Debuting artists reimagined the norms of what a genre is, while established acts pushed themselves to the unimaginable. Minimalistic sounds became limitless, production became precise, and timeless.  

A standard soundscape became reinvented, the impact of artists and sounds crossed over to unfamiliar territories, as genres blended and sounds blended. New coming of age tales were written, and the millennial perspective were defined by the acts that defined the decade.

Behold, CTRL’s Best Albums of the Decade

80.) Mind Of Mine, Zayn (2016)

The first official solo release from the biggest boy band of the decade One Direction, ‘Mind of Mine’ by Zayn, was catered specifically to the inspirations of the music he wanted to make. A pop heartthrob cut straight from global influences. 




79.) Ego Death, The Internet (2015)

Envisioning a funk, neo-soul album, that is appropriate for every millennial, ‘Ego Death’ is a retro throwback that dissociates itself from any label. Leading up to the release of their third studio album, The Internet have sought out the moment where they finally achieve the ability to become more than a “niche artist”. Dissecting the term ‘ego death’ is the concept of spiritually striping back self-identity for greater use, intertwined with cleansing the soul psychedelically. The band executes just that, their greatest effort that allows each member to showcase their solo identity through a collaborative effort that expands artistic development creatively


78.) Little Dark Age, MGMT (2018)

Cult classic pop duo, MGMT, return to form on Little Dark Age. The sounds of synth pop are as lively as ever, and only as effective as MGMT can do. 





77.) At.Long.Last.A$AP, A$AP Rocky (2015)

Debuting earlier this decade, A$AP Rocky distinctively capitalized on the stylistic lane that was open and set himself apart from his fellow peers. Clever, and so fresh, Lord Pretty Flacko became the most stylish man in music of the 2010s, allowing his music to be just as fresh. 



76.) Cosmogramma, Flying Lotus (2010)

Removing himself from the scene, soughing out his sound, and brilliantly returning years later, Flying Lotus mastered his work and proved himself and the critics wrong.





75.) Funk Wav Bounces Vol. 1, Calvin Harris (2017)

Completely departing his previous *mainstream*  sound, Calvin Harris incorporated the funk into EDM, in which was a major risk that ultimately paid off. Back in 2017, Calvin’s artistry witnessed a rebirth, as he abandoned from the rave music he’s been associated with since 2011 and approached a sound that’s the complete opposite. Calvin executed the ability to curate such simplistic production in the most fresh-modernized way.



74.) Purpose, Justin Bieber (2015)

A once teen pop sensation, transforming into the biggest male popstar in the world curated upon controversy, and admiration, Justin Bieber studied the past, to revamp the future.




73.) Daytona, Pusha T (2018)

Oh it was a cruel summer once Pusha T released Dayonta. Deliberately on a killing spree, Pusha was ruthlessly in charge on his grandest cocaine referenced filled album to date.  





72.) An Awesome Wave, alt-J (2012)

Variety of sounds and textures helps formulate a rigorous debut effort by alt-J. 




71.) Piñata, Freddie Gibbs & Madlib (2014)

An essential for every rap fan, Freddie Gibbs & Madlib utilize every detail from the sounds to the feature to the finest form. 





70.) Kids See Ghosts, Kids See Ghosts (2018)

 The expedition travels in search for inner peace, and forgiveness for the sake of sanity, accepting life and all its mistake provide the capability to accept the inner demons that exhausts us, but don’t define us. ‘Kids See Ghosts’ is the redemption project for Kanye West and Kid Cudi that was desperately needed. Bringing out the best out of each other, the two reminded us that they’re capable of anything, and everything, with some of Kanye’s best verses, Cudi return to glory, holy hums and absurd samples, its a spooky, spine tingling heaven meets hell spectacle. As a testimony to life and all the beautiful madness that is, ‘Kids See Ghosts’, is a transcending moment that baptized us all.


69.) Without Warning, 21 Savage, Offset, and Metro Boomin (2017)

Unleashing a ferocious threat to every other collaborative release of the last ten years, the trio of rap stars are no holds barred, with all hits and no misses. 



68.) Cupid Deluxe, Blood Orange (2013)

 The sophomore release by Blood Orange, better known as Dev Hynes, solidified his presence as one of the most significant songwriters of the decade. Propelled Dev to new heights, and up the charts.  

67.) Die Lit, Playboi Carti (2018)
When much of hip-hop sounds just the same, Playboi Carti is the prime example of the importance of standing out from the crowd. Leading the new wave of rappers, Carti is rewriting the perception of mumble rap, as it’s much more than just a misunderstood form of rap music, but rather the most interesting era of the genre, as it has given birth to exciting new characters that are continuing to influence the industry


66.) Skin, Flume (2016)

A thrilling, pulse raising adventure that pushes Flume precise craft into the mainstream territory. From the classic, Never Be Like You, to the Vince Staples assisted, Smoke and Retribution, Flume showcases a vision into his wild headspace. 

65.) Lemonade, Beyoncé (2016)

Declaring herself as one of the 21st century’s most powerful figures, Beyoncé pushed herself to unimaginable limits that turned her and her work into a global phenomenon. Lemonade is a statement, binding culture, feminism, politics, and romance, all into one. 


64.) Black Messiah, D'Angelo (2014)

 Black Messiah is a groundbreaking album from a timeless artist. Surprise releasing the album out of nowhere, D’Angelo set the world by storm, proving he’s still the best, no matter the era.

63.) Nightride, Tinashe (2013) 

Guiding listeners into an explorative, and exhilarating nightmare, Tinashe perfects her craft on the ambitious side project, Nightride. Pushing the genre forward, while seemingly getting ignored, the versatile songstress produces all the qualities of a triple threat, and that’s exactly what she is.  



62.) Malibu, Anderson .Paak (2016)


Malibu is a sentiment to old school funk,
modernized in a fresh approach. 

61.) Ultraviolence, Lana Del Rey (2014)

Ultraviolence, Lana Del Rey’s most poised, and controversial album to date. The perfect representation of what a Lana Del Rey album is.



60.) Pure Heroine, Lorde (2013)


Rewriting pop music, Lorde arrived onto the scene as an angsty 16 year old. Blowing our minds, the captivating songwriting defined teenage nostalgia, and the pressure of society. A soundtrack to every millennial growing up. 

59.) Lost In The Dream, War On Drugs (2014)

Once the opening track begins the play, the entire album unfolds. Lost In The Dream is a beautifully composed Bruce Springsteen influenced album. 




58.) I Like It When You Sleep, The 1975 (2016)


Approaching the album in a more ambient way, The 1975 balanced their rock-oriented mixture from their debut album, into a synth-pop invasion. 


57.) If You're Reading This It's Too Late, Drake (2015)

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late bridged the gap between Drake the rapper and Drake the hitmaker. Though he was only a hitmaker, in 2015 his presence started to become otherworldly, and the greatest of the project is it defines the various stages of Drake’s artistry all into one. 




56.) Because The Internet, Childish Gambino (2013)


Because The Internet is a transformative body of work that details Childish Gambino's outlook on life. Questioning the purpose of technology, while sculpting a perspective on human nature, Gambino curates an out of body experience upon 19 tracks.


55.) Acid Rap (2013)
Vividly describing summer nights in Chicago, ‘Acid Rap’ is a tale to youth experimentation on the fondest memories of the summertime.  Balancing his charismatic personality over a conceptual in-depth perspective on gun violence, the effects of growing up in Chicago, and relying on faith, Chance is unfiltered yet making such heavy weighting themes sound cool. Ahead of the curve with being the activism-artist that has become apparent in the soundscape of hip-hop, Chance is the happiest man in rap despite all the pressure that raises genuine concern on his survival.
54.) Watch The Throne (2011)

Watch The Throne' is a spectacle in which showcases the distinct skills of each artist that makes them greats in what they do. Pushing the ‘joint album’ into the forefront, The Throne’s chemistry was undeniably infectious, allowing one another to feed off the other, while providing great individual moments. In a time where joint albums seemed extinct, Jay Z and Kanye West pushed rappers out of their comfort zone, and made the joint album the new standard for ‘bromance’ in hip-hop.

53.) This Is Happening, LCD Soundsystem (2010)
This is Happening is a a heart-felt, and heart-wrenching record, that travels through various emotions, while remaining accessible. 

52.) Faces, Mac Miller (2014)
Foreshadowing what was to come, Mac Miller’s ‘FACES’, was a deep-dive into Mac’s unfortunate reality. Within 24-tracks, the project is self indulgent, a journey of the effects of drug abuse, a soundtrack to self harm. Revealing itself amongst the challenges of being fueled on drugs and depression, ‘Faces’, is Mac’s most innovative work, as it explores the impact of music, and how it travels beyond a lifetime, and into the afterlife.
51.) The Suburbs, Arcade Fire (2010)
One of the only times the Recording Academy has gotten it right was when they awarded Arcade Fire with Album of the Year in 2010.
50.) Lonerism (2012)
 The psychedelic rock album that became the quintessential release of psych-rock in the 2010s.
49.) BeyonceBeyonce (2013)
The world stopped when Beyoncé surprise dropped her fifth studio album. Redefining the release formula, and rescheduling the album release date, impact!
48.) Man On The Moon II (2010)
Normalizing oddities, while redefining masculinity, Kid Cudi became the blueprint of the resurgence in emotional-rap, better known as, emo-rap.
47.) We Got It From Here, A Tribe Called Quest (2016)
The final album, the curtain call from one of the greatest groups to ever do it. Thank you for your service, ATCQ!
46.) Isolation, Kali Uchis (2018)
Theres no greater life and times triumph than Kali Uchis escaping her isolation. Highlighting the identities that are specific to her individuality, Kali’s greatest accomplishment, is her vivid storytelling that could be the plot for a Quentin Tarantino film. Remaining mysteriously soulful, Kali embodies the imperfections of Amy Winehouse, inviting listeners to her escapade (Body Language), while bending genres along the way and creating a safe space that is entirely necessary for the state of the nation.
45.) Blackstar, David Bowie (2013)
A surreal final swan song of a turn of events that Bowie somehow predicted.

44. I Love You Honey Bear, Father John Misty (2015)
Whimsically charming, Father John Misty combines the elements of dark humor for a twisted turn in his music. I Love You Honeybear is a satire approach to his songwriting abilities.
43.) I Don’t Like Sh*t, Earl Sweatshirt (2015)
I Don’t Like Shit I Don’t Go Outside, vividly captures the attention to detail of a loners state of mind. Isolating beyond society, the state of depression weighs heavy, this record captures the intense emotions of modern sadness. 

42.) LP1, FKA Twigs (2014)
  LP1 is a brilliant debut album of the decades most ambitious debuting act.
41.) 444, Jay Z (2017)
The grand finale of the turn of events of Jay Z's entire career, 444, is a body of work that transcends the rappers nearly 3 decade long spanning career.

40.) Plastic Beach, Gorillaz (2010)

Experimenting beyond the sounds of their previous releases,
Gorillaz boldly insects a new approach to what nobody expected.
39.) Flower Boy, Tyler, The Creator (2017)

Showcasing his evolution as an artist, the project provided a different dimension to Tyler’s artistry beyond the shock value that he once relied on. Finally coming into his own as an artist, Tyler literally blossomed into newfound maturity. Unraveling a different side that he had once restricted, Tyler exposes a polar opposite to what fans had been accustomed to. Marking the transitional moment in his career, it was planted by the seeds from each of his previous projects in his discography to fully bloom. 

38.) Atrocity Exhibition, Danny Brown (2016)
Danny Brown's best album of the decade. Outrageous enough to uncover all of the rappers greatest strengths, yet filled with personality, and charisma to carry his flow onto various techniques. 

37.) Leak 04-13, Jai Paul (2019)
Rewinding a series of events and stepping back to life 6 years ago, Leak 04-13 represents the time capsule of what music was predicted to sound like in 2019. Unfortunately leaking in 2013, Jai Paul collection of demos and unreleased material is exactly that, but feeling defeated against the leakers, Jai decided to step away from the scene. Pulling straight out of the archives, the project is in it’s finest quality, remastered and refined, enhancing the ultimate experience. Amongst all the think-pieces of the end of the decade, the greatest mystery is Jai Paul’s career that got away.

36.) Brothers, The Black Keys (2010)
A great rock album with all of the elements of classic records, and new age anthems. 
35.) 99.9%, Kaytranada (2016)
Modern house record fusing funk and soul.
34.) Salad Days, Mac DeMarco (2014)
Bathing in his own weirdness, Mac DeMarco lives freely in a world that is his own. Providing fans with a soundtrack into their own thoughts,
Salad Days is a unique body of work that masters the identity of Mac. 
33.) A Seat At The Table, Solange (2016)
The greatest effort of the decade by a Knoweles sister.
32.) Hurry Up We’re Dreaming, M83 (2011)
 M83 approaches electronica through dimensions of nostalgia and psychedelia.
31.) Kaleidoscope Dream, Miguel (2012)
Kaleidoscope Dream unleashes a R&B renaissance , that is exemplified by the adventurous vignette of each song, the brilliance that unites each track with an effective charismatic presence that makes you believe everything he’s saying. Opening track,
Adorn, single-handedly provided a new generation of listeners with a modern classic that was missing. Title track embodies the perfect balance between alternative & psychedelic soul. Pussy Is Mine, is an overwhelmingly explicit anthem that comes alive with a simple guitar moment, a sentiment to his artistic abilities to excuse such raunchy moments through effective instrumentation. Puzzling the pieces to his influences, he tackles various styles in a constantly evolving soundscape.
30.) ASTROWORLD, Travis Scott (2018)

Exploring the depths of his artistry, and as a father, Travis Scott’s arrival to ASTROWORLD, works as his final destination into a reinvention. A departure to the man with little to no substance with his previous releases but now requires the responsibility to reflect on the realization of what comes with maturity. But just like the experience of a amusement park, the album is exactly that, it’s exciting in the sense of expecting a thrilling ride, but yet receiving the unexpected. With prior releases showcasing just a glimpse of his raging abilities, Travis established a cult following that developed into international superstardom. On AstroWorld, Travis Scott solidified his status with an era that lived up to his ambitions of who he is as an artist. Utilizing game changing beat switches, displaying vulnerability, using panicking funk outcries, the album is spine tingling, haunting, and simply brilliant

29.) Process, Sampha (2017)
Developed upon somber atmospheres, Process is minimalistic and soft, gentle yet subtle enough to push listeners to unimaginable emotional states.
28.) Teen Dream, Beach House (2010)
27.) Summertime 06, Vince Staples (2015)
26.) The Colour In Anything, James Blake (2016)
25.) The 20/20 Experience, Justin Timberlake (2013)
JT came back, and was better than ever!
24.) Bon Iver, Bon Iver (2011)
23.) Barter 6, Young Thug (2015)
One of the most influential voices of the last 10 years,
Young Thug explores all of his greatest strengths all into
one timeless trap album.
22.) Born To Die, Lana Del Rey (2012)
Arriving at the turning point in pop music, Lana Del Rey became a cultural phenomenon due to her ability to write hypnotic pop melodies through a fascination with hip-hop. On ‘Born To Die’, the songstress established her significance with the debut album that single-handedly paved the lane for a new era of pop music, and an aesthetic that has become familiarized with Ms. Del Rey. Changing the perspective of the genre, Lana became one of the faces of the shift from the EDM craze and into the moody/mid-tempo hip-hop inspired pop landscape. Relying on a specific niche sound, Del Rey captures the associations of her aesthetics through dark grunge, yet sultry and euphoric vibes that pretty glorifies the images she creates through her lyrics.
21.) Coexist, The xx (2012)
Coexist is an angelic, soft spoken, record, providing
the balance between being too intimate, yet rewarding.
20.) Channel Orange, Frank Ocean (2012)

The record explores the artist through the failures that have generated through heartbreak, and self indulgence, masking the pain while allowing to paint the sorrow. Sonically, the record relies on specific details through the original instrumentation and unusual sensations that creates each song to have its own identity, and those details highlights the importance of the impactful sound the album has transcended. R&B has become a pivotal genre that is about emotion, but with this record Frank Ocean redefined R&B by filling the void of descriptively evoking emotions that haven't been told in the genre and beyond. 'Channel Orange' is not only a classic debut album, but also a defining album of the millennium.

19.) To Pimp A Butterfly, Kendrick Lamar (2015)
Behind the brightness of it all, life is filled with aggression, as a caterpillar transforms, a butterfly is welcomed into a world filled with madness and rage. Reassuring urgency amongst the evil within the democracy and mental health, Kendrick Lamar broadens the topic of race in America, as he explores the themes that defines an individual experience living in a land of restriction. As a narrative to race relations, spiritual awakenings, religion, success, and the evils of the music industry, ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’ is an intense retrospect to self realization
18.) YEEZUS, Kanye West (2013)
Arguably Kanye's most polarizing release, the album received universal acclaim from critics, while garnering mixed reviews from fans. After releasing his magnum opus, 'My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy', three years prior, the expectations for the follow-up was just as crucial as 'Late Registration' was too 'The College Dropout'. From the soul in 'College Dropout', to the orchestra in 'Late Registration', to the synth-pop auto tune '808's', 'YEEZUS' was Kanye introducing hip hop to another new direction. 
17.) CTRL, SZA (2017)
With a distinct perspective on life and love, SZA remained consistent with the theme of the album while allowing high-profile collaborations to neither overshadow her or shift the focus off of the story being told. Maintaining control of life is a challenge that only veterans have been able to accomplish, and with the recorded conversations with her mother throughout the album, SZA has been able to grasp on to the fact that control is a natural process of human nature, and the journey of life is part of the complexity that is with finding yourself. Through intriguing songwriting, and soul bearing vocals, CTRL is a compelling debut by an honest, pure, and vulnerable artist, who’s time is now. 
16.) Carrie & Lowell, Sufjan Stevens (2015)

Music has the beautiful ability to define all of your emotions, even when you can’t yourself. Sufjan Stevens is a special one, and Carrie & Lowell is an emotional, sad album unlike anything you’ve heard before. What a genius record!

15.) ANTI, Rihanna (2016) 

Testing the waters just a year before release with throwaway tracks, ‘FourFiveSeconds’, ‘BBHMM’, and ‘American Oxygen’, Rihanna allowed the industry to prepare before she gave the big f*ck you to all expectations. So, on this day we celebrate Rihanna, and her magnum opus that is ‘ANTI’, the album that shifted all perspectives of who Rihanna really is. 

The defining voice of pop music solidified herself beyond the hits. 

14.) Random Access Memories, Daft Punk (2013)
A near perfect album, Random Access Memories is a flawless sounding album, shifting the soundscape, and brining life back into a dying state of mainstream music. Album opener, Give Life Back To Music, is a sentiment to a love of the funk, Giorgio by Moroder is the greatest life story ever told by the Father of Disco himself, Giorgio Moroder, which set the tone for the embellishment of the instrumentation on the project. Highlights, Instant Crush and Lose Yourself To Dance are some groovy delights, setting the tone to reassure listeners that you can’t escape the funk. Clean, balanced, and dynamic, Daft Punk managed to create various atmospheres, while delivering with the pleasant surprise that they pretty much nail exactly what they aimed for. As necessary as it was six years ago, Random Access Memories, redefined the soundscape of mainstream music for the latter half of the decade
13.) Modern Vampires Of The City, Vampire Weekend (2013)
12.) In Colour, Jamie xx (2015)
Lighting up all the bright stars that shine, Jamie xx's solo debut is a lifelike display of lighting bolts, and vibrant colors and textures.  
11.) Wildheart, Miguel (2015)
Dazzling beyond overly-sexualized themes, the finest moments of ‘Wildheart’ are crafted upon soaring soul riffs, psychedelic funks, and vivid metaphors. Career highlights ‘Waves’ and ‘Deal’ are a wave of euphoria, a instant calling to the dance floor. Challenging masculinity, Miguel plays the role of his influences for the album (Prince, Freddie Mercury, Lenny Kravitz), reflecting the endless possibilities of a rockstar, and just how unpredictable they are. Rooted upon inner-city soul, Miguel explores his roots for authenticity to insist on his non-conforming identity. As a declaration to artistic freedom, it’s a testament of hopes & dreams to repaint tarnished beauty in a traditional genre. Miguel continues to push the envelope
10.) DS2, Future (2015)

Imagine a world in which Future didn’t release DS2? That’s right, you can’t! Singlehandedly influencing an entire genre and its sub-genres, Future is responsible for the soundscape of modern-rap. DS2 is a brilliant trap album!

9.) Melodrama, Lorde (2017)

Specifically catering to the young twenty-somethings, Lorde provides a glimpse into her journal that is entirely too real. Melodrama captures the rollercoaster ride of the ups and downs of growing up, and not wanting to doing so. A coming of age tale that is emotionally celebratory. 

8.) Take Care, Drake (2011)

Developing a perspective into Drake as an artist is best defined through ‘Take Care’, as he is aware of his strengths and allows the record to be tailor made to curate a timeless sound. Vulnerability has significantly been a theme throughout Drake’s discography, but specifically on his sophomore effort is where he is able to shine to create content that is spacious yet honest and mature. In a society where being vulnerable is portrayed as weakness, the album resonated with people due to it being a coming to terms tale as Drake is acknowledging his lifestyle shift, and having to defend his identity. On later releases such as ‘Nothing Was The Same’, and ‘If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late’, Drakefound the ability to create music that was accessible to an wider array audience, but yet on ‘Take Care’, Drake identified an balance of showcasing himself as a two sided musician at his best. Considered his best to date, the album is regarded with such praise due to the musical style being revisioned through specific sections on the album while still maintaining a cohesive body of work. Showcasing skillful rap abilities on ‘Headlines’, ‘HYFR’, ‘Underground Kings’, while allowing emotional singing to shine on ‘Marvin’s Room’, ‘Take Care’, ‘Shot For Me’, the album was the reintroduction of an artist who was able to explore a range of abilities that allowed himself to become the voice of a generation that has furthered the rap-singer era into new heights.


7.) AM, Arctic Monkeys (2013)

AM by Arctic Monkeys is a hip-hop inspired rock album, that steps out of the comfort zone from the bands previous releases. What makes the album so mesmerizing is the fact that it’s simply sounds like a greatest hits album, but it’s cohesive and has a clear direction. 

6.) Settle, Disclosure (2013)

Reviving a near-dead genre, Disclosure brought life back into house music. The most influential dance album of the decade. 

5.) Good Kid m.A.A.d City, Kendrick Lamar (2012)
Masterclass of storytelling, Kendrick Lamar broke through with his greatest work to date. Accomplishing exactly what he aimed to do, Kendrick revived west cost rap, and made himself the most prominent rapper of the 2010s. 
4.) Currents, Tame Impala (2015)
Pushing the envelope for psychedelic rock, Tame Impala’s first introduction to the scene, ‘Innerspeaker’, and its follow up, ‘Lonerism’, borrowed from influences of the sounds of the previous decades, predominately the 60s and 70s, while modernizing the sound along the way. But for many, their grand arrival to Tame Impala was ‘Currents’, the album that’s stirred away from the generalized perception of indie-rock, and into a realm of pure synth-pop heaven.  Sculpted upon the attraction of change, Kevin Parker analyzes the acceptance of the shift in perspective, as he explores the path to evolving
3.) Blonde, Frank Ocean (2016)

'Blonde' is an retrospect of life's challenges that leads up to developing a sense of individuality through complications of nostalgia and the lost hope of a substantial love. Seven years ago Frank Ocean ushered in a new era of storytelling, allowing the youth to celebrate life through different dimensions. Returning with 'Blonde', Frank continues to be a defining voice providing sincerity for a generation of lost hope. Each of his releases becoming a grand novel that arrive at a turning point in culture and society. Within these novels there is hope & endless possibilities of freedom through nightmares that seem impossible to escape. 'Blonde' is a celebration of life in midst of all the twisted yet beautiful realities.

2.) House of Balloons, The Weeknd (2011)

The voice of a twenty-year-old heathen was the plot for the storyline of a pleasurable nightmare told by the three mixtapes, as each concluded a chapter that was crucial of sculpting a vivid descriptive tale of a disruptive life. Embracing insecurities while acknowledging the satisfaction of regret, mixtape Weeknd was a concept of a perspective revisioned upon youthful senses of consciousness and inhibition. ‘House of Balloons’ was the tale of experiences of what constructed the dark side. 

Turning self destruction into fitting the norm of the soundscape of R&B, House of Balloons was The Weeknd as an heathen who wasn’t afraid to explore life’s darkest demons, while establishing himself as an trailblazer beyond the mysterious, disguised persona. 

1.) My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, Kanye West (2010)

Nine years ago, Kanye West redefined the music industry and set the blueprint for the cultural shift that has transcended the soundscape of modern music. The release of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy arrived at a critical time, not only for Kanye but for hip-hop itself. The concept behind the release was executed to visualize the experience of embracing the egotistical impact arisen from being the most influential, while acknowledging becoming the Hollywood villain. Isolating himself, the idea of the album came into fruition as Kanye stepped outside of reality, and into his nightmares and fantasies that are beautiful, yet twisted to the point that Kanye became that monster that he or no one thought he’d become.My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a Picasso like celebration of modern music that has redefined the experience of appreciating the arts.


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