Dominic Fike Interviewed By Kevin Abstract | Opens Up About Making Music in Jail

The singer who recently postponed the launch of a new era, is ready to tell his side of his story, one that isn’t as easy as it seems. Dominic Rise became a sudden artist on the rise over the last few years – releasing noteworthy singles and an EP that instantly caught the attention of listeners. But now, Fike is ready to release his debut studio album but before he does, allow him to provide a little insight on what goes on behind the scenes and his own personal battles.

Taking to social media, Fike announced the interview that’s titled IN-FOCUS, which is directed by Brockhampton’s front man, Kevin Abstract. By the pool, the two share an in-depth experience with Fike providing in-depth insight to his own personal life. 

Dominic Fike answers questions about his highly anticipated debut album and how he even created music while being in jail. In 2016, the singer was charged with a house arrest for battery of a police officer in 2016. The year following that, he violated the house arrest and was sent to jail. During his time in prison he released his debut EP titled Don’t Forget About Me, Demos which spawned the hit “3 Nights”. 

With his time in prison he admitted he experimented with his surroundings which helped to curate a sound with your not-so-usual instrumentation. Fike said during the interview: “He said: “the sink would play sounds. The sink had a tone, it had a note to it”. 

Dominic Fike was set to release a new single earlier this month but delayed the release amid the ongoing protests for racial justice in America. 

Watch the full interview below:

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