Snippet of Kendrick Lamar‘s Verse On Frank Ocean’s “Nights” Surfaces Online


Back in 2016 Frank Ocean released his sophomore album Blonde, with many fans regarding the release as his “magnum opus”. With a wide variety of collaborators contributing to the album which included the likes of Jamie xx to James Blake to Kanye West and Pharrell Williams, it was a star studded spectacle. 

One notable name that had been speculated to be involved in the project was Kendrick Lamar with fans believing he provided ad-libs on the song “Skyline To”. Though Lamar’s involvement has yet to be confirmed or denied, it has came to the attention of the music community that he was involved in another album track.
A newly surfaced snippet of Kendrick Lamar on Frank Ocean’s “Nights” has appeared online. While the rapper doesn’t say much, he says enough to set the internet on fire. Overshadowed by the tag that dominates the snippet, Kendrick can be heard singing the “oooh, Nani Nani” that’s apparent in Frank’s first verse on the final album cut. 
It’s unclear whether or not Kendrick’s version was a demo, a feature, or a reference track. But the rapper was originally inspired by the album. In 2017, it was revealed during an interview with Rolling Stone that Lamar and his team spent an entire day listening to Blonde which eventually resulted into the creation of the DAMN album cut “Yah”. 
Kendrick Lamar is gearing up to launch his next era while fans are still anticipating any signs of a new Frank Ocean album.

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