Daft Punk To Score New Soundtrack

After seven long years, fans now officially have confirmation that new Daft Punk music is on the way! Director, Dario Argento revealed that the French duo will score the soundtrack for his new film, Occhiali Neri (Black Glasses).

The director spoke to Italian publication, La Repubblica, in which he said that the duo are set to send in the first set of songs soon. Argento revealed that Daft Punk are fans of his work, and when they learned that he was working on a new film, they wanted to be involved with scoring the soundtrack. Both parties got in contact with one another, and will be meeting in Rome when it’s possible to do so.

The film is centered around the plot of a Chinese woman and her child that takes place in Rome and the surroundings of the countryside. Dario hopes to start production in September.

This would mark Daft Punk’s first project since Random Access Memories in 2013 and their first soundtrack since TRON: Legacy in 2010

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