Deadmau5 and The Neptunes "Pomegranate" | Track Review

The unstoppable duo that is The Neptunes, comprised of Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams, have made their grand return to form. Teaming up with Deadmau5, the trio curate an irresistible song of the summer. 

An instrumental courtesy of Deadmau5 is fast paced — a heavy bass induced dance production. Chad Hugo and Pharrell help to complete the missing pieces to the puzzle that Deadmau5 started. Arranged with the intention of being a crossover hit, the song blends the talents of each act involved. 

Pharrell dominates the hook with breathy vocals and his signature confident cadence. Meanwhile, Deadmau5 utilizes 808 drums and house influenced instrumentation with just hints of a sudden robotic takeover. Chad Hugo helps to bridge the gap between Pharrell and Deadmau5, as he reignites the bounce of every beloved Neptunes track. 


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