Denzel Curry Matches JPEGMAFIA's Energy on "BALD!" Remix

Back in September JEPGMAFIA released one of last year’s most exciting rap releases. All My Heroes Are Cornballs, the third studio album by the rapper was a riveting and chaotic showcase of various styles that aren’t typically showcased in the genre. In February, JPEG released "BALD" his first solo single following the release of the album following guest appearances on albums by Danny Brown and Vegyn. The rapper proclaims the track as a dedication to every man that’s dealing with the unfortunate reality of losing their hair.  

Turning it down a notch yet remaining as lively as ever, JPEG creates an ethereal experience that is in the realm of being more traditional that doesn’t challenge the status quo but doesn’t really have to. Requiring all of the right ingredients for the signature JPEG recipe, "BALD" checks out every box on the checklist. It’s quirky and humorous in terms of lyricism, while charismatic and out-going in terms of delivery. If there’s one thing that the rapper knows how to do right, it’s being a voice for the people, and with every release he just somehow understands how to satisfy just right.  

A couple months following its release, JPEGMAFIA enlisted Denzel Curry for the remix to the song. Returning the favor after JPEG appeared on Denzel Curry’s 2018 album TABOO on the track "VENGEANCE", Curry matches JPEG’s energy on a new re-worked version of the track. Appearing out-of-nowhere, in a somewhat botched transition, Denzel turns it up a notch as he takes up the space that was left open. In near two minutes, Curry viciously tackles the beat as he ferociously lets loose with a near two-minute verse. 

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