Denzel Curry Redefines and Revives The Sounds Of Miami

Painting vivid imagery of growing up in the palm trees streets of Miami, Denzel Curry’s ZUU is an ode to the east coast collective. Designed to go ruthlessly hard hitting front to back ZUU is a street orientated, 90’s summer rap revival. Letting loose and not taking himself too seriously, Denzel mirrors the project back to his childhood and influences.
Indebted into environmental cultures, Denzel sets the path to trace back to his origins. Rapping about being raised on Trina, Trick, Rick, and Piles on "CAROLMART”, Curry signifies the importance of carrying the torch to represent the legacy of Florida hip-hop. Consistently repping the 305 throughout his discography, the Miami theme for ZUU is as authentic as it gets. Welcoming listens to his homecoming back to the city that raised him, the project is a tribute to his surroundings. The single, “Ricky” recalls what he’s learned from his father, and how he carries the influence throughout his life. Album highlight “Wish” captures the spirit of the city that doesn’t sleep; a braggadocio filled anthem that is fitting for every Spring Break.
Denzel resembles fellow Carol City native and guest feature, Rick Ross’ hustling mentality on “BIRDZ”. Not slowing down, it’s hard to catch your breath as the album is energetic, fast paced, and a furious intent to craft a wild action-packed album that represents Miami in all of its glory. The raucous party culture is as lively as ever on “SHAKE 88” a bouncy-Juvenile (“Back That Thang Up”) late 1990s throwback like track
Embracing the stereotypical themes of Miami, Denzel balances the care free perspective with an introspect to living in fear of how dangerous the streets could get behind the scenes of every Summer night (“Speedboat”). Celebrating the city that he holds to the highest regard, Denzel Curry reassure that the streets isn’t as bright as the sun makes you believe, and even though this project was curated as a tribute, it was a call to action for a better future.
Unnecessary to revisit the themes of his previous records, or requiring intellectual lyrics, ZUU is a fun, bouncy, nostalgic fueled high-speed chase that is exhilarating and limitless.
Prior to release, Denzel claimed he made this project because he felt homesick, thus guiding listeners back home, solidifying himself into the greats of Carol City. Extending the traditional style of Florida rap, he fuses funky-late 80’s sounds to experiment with his versatility, that ultimately paid off.
With instantly recognizable hooks, luscious beats, and a feel good flow, Denzel Curry is at his most confident on this project, and it shows. Succeeding with redefining a new-school perception of the soul engraved into Miami rap, ZUU is Denzel’s most enjoyable project to date. 

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