Doja Cat Is Ready To Release Her Third Album

Doja Cat, one of 2020’s breakthrough acts has been an exciting artist to watch over the years. From her R&B prominent sounding debut album Amala in 2018, to “Mooo!”, the viral hit that caused a break the internet moment, to last year’s project, Hot Pink, the album that had all eyes on musics latest sensation.

The sophmore album quickly cultivated Doja Cat into early superstardom. With an variety of sounds, and eye-capturing visuals, the album was a pop-rap delight. One of this year’s biggest hits “Say So” blended 80’s disco with bubblegum pop and melodic rap, along with a mesmerizing music video, and a viral TikTok dance, it had all the qualities of a smash hit, and it was. Eventually the song was remixed by Nicki Minaj, and topped the Billboard Hot 100, a success story that was co-signed by the reigning queen of rap and now Doja is solidified for a greater impact.

With success comes controversy, and while Doja Cat was the center of one of this summers biggest social media scandals, it was proof that regardless of what happens, she’s probably not going to go anywhere. Now, Doja is putting the past behind her and is eyeing the release of her third studio album. Speaking to MTV News, the young star shared information on what fans should expect from the upcoming release.
Doja Cat revealed that the project is expected to arrive sooner than fans think. The chart-topper says the record will be what listeners should expect from her, which is an variety of sounds and styles which ultimately creates the classic Doja Cat album. She says she has been experimenting with house music, as well as dancehall music, a genre that was prominent in her debut record. While Hot Pink was pretty funky, Doja Cat promises to up-the-funk with the next record.
A release date has yet to be announced but Doja Cat is toying around the idea of surprise releasing the album. While she’s still hard at work, Doja has much to celebrate as she just walked away with Best Push New Artist at the MTV Video Music Awards.  

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