Drake's Victory Lap Continues

The rap champion celebrates yet another victory, even if it doesn't involve his own career. 

Toronto’s victory lap continues with two new Drake songs. To celebrate the Raptors historic win, Drake taps into a mob mentality, that sounds much more convincing than you’d think. Signature Drizzy returns with credibility boosting, ‘Omertà’, as he goes toe to toe, bar after bar, with himself on a filthy beat that is reminiscent to 2018’s, ‘Diplomatic Immunity’. Drake is showing no mercy, and this time, it’s more compelling than the emotions he presented on tracks like ‘I’m Upset’, as he raps, “last year dudes really feel like they rode on me, last year dudes got hot because they told on me”. Coming in strong, the self proclaimed petty king returns without warning, and this time he’s aware of his presence in the rap game, and the fact is, he’s actually a great rapper when he tries.

Where the f*ck should I really even start? Just in case anyone forgot, Drake had to remind listeners of just how good of a hitmaker he really is. What’s been quite a timid year since the release of ‘Scorpion’, the Rick Ross assisted ‘Money In The Grave’, is your typical Drake song with a nasty beat and instagram-worthy captions that’ll keep fans satisfied all summer. Despite neither Omertà or Money In The Grave being celebratory anthems, for what they are, as throwaway tracks, both are typical Drake songs, solid but nothing worthwhile. But let’s appreciate Drake for not being a one-dimensional artist, who is more than just the mastermind behind creating massive radio hits.  

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