Dre .Zip Releases Debut Single "Structure Interlude"

Dre .Zip, the Delaware based R&B singer-songwriter, is ready to make an impact on the scene. The up and coming artist is aiming to become the freshest name on your playlists with his debut single “Structure Interlude”.

Released in June, the single has been capturing the attention of fans, with streaming numbers increasing on a day-to-day basis.  The single finds the singer coming face to face with new developing emotions that arrive during the early stages of a relationship.

Unlike ordinary songs that share a similar subject matter, .Zip unveils emotions that are attached to an anonymous girl. The singer explains that he believes he already has her figured out, both emotionally and physically and the lyrics reflect that.

As a debut single, the song reflects Dre .Zip’s vision as an artist, and lays the groundwork for his sound. “Structure Interlude” is available to be streamed worldwide on all digital platforms.

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