Dua Lipa Releases “Levitating” Remix With DaBaby




Dua Lipa is back with another remix. After sharing two remix projects with The Blessed Madonna titled Club Future Nostalgia, the pop star is on a roll. From Missy Elliot to Mark Ronson to Gwen Stefani and Kaytranada, Dua enlisted some exiciting names to help reimagine her sophomore album Future Nostalgia

Now, she’s ready to do it all over again. This time she is set to release a remix of the Future Nostalgia highlight “Levitating” with none other than DaBaby. The two team up on a brand new mix of the song that is sure to climb up the charts. 
“Billboard Baby, Dua Lipa, make em’ dance when it come on, everyone looking for a dance floor to run on” — DaBaby kicks off the song with a captivating hook that sets the tone for the song (as well as the highlight of the remix). He later arrives back for the second verse of the song, as the song then closes with the original mix and additional ad-libs from the rapper.
Just last month, Dua Lipa shared a remix of the song featuring Missy Elliot and Madonna, along with a music video. Listen to the new remix with DaBaby above, it will also receive a music video and is set to be released on Friday, October 2nd. 

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