Dua Lipa Was Originally Featured on Kanye West’s ‘Jesus is King’

Dua Lipa was originally featured on Kanye West’s hits, “On God” and “Law of Attraction”. New demos of the pop star’s contributions to the songs have recently surfaced online of early recordings prior to the finalized versions that are now on ‘Jesus is King’.

“See you again, see you again, see you again — Have I been on my mind? And I've been wasting time? Believing you'll come back to me”, Dua sings in the intro of “On God”. She also sings the chorus and the outro to the original version:
“I will fly with you, If you ain't happy now I will fly with you. And I've been waiting — I will fly with you. Yeah, fly with you”.
Meanwhile, on “Law of Attraction”, Dua originally recorded the chorus that Kanye and Ant Clemons sing on the final version. Originally, it also included an intro where she sings: “Words I speak, live and breathe”.
There’s no additional information, but is to believed that Lipa recorded the songs back in late 2018/early 2019, when ‘Jesus is King’ was originally ‘YANDHI’. This also ties in with the report that came out in the spring of 2018 that Kanye had his eyes on Dua and wanted to record with her after hearing her on Calvin Harris’ “One Kiss”.
The demos were shared on YouTube and can be found here and here

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