Earl Sweatshirt featuring Maxo | “Whole World” Track Review

Six months after the haunting release of his last project Feet of Clay — Earl Sweatshirt came out of hiding once again to face his fears. 
The new track featuring Maxo, continues to piece together Earl’s now signature hazy aesthetic. Dazed on the reality of today, the rapper is comfortable with his sense of self and is as poetic as he’s ever been.  
In a fight with claustrophobia, Earl is boxed in and unable to escape. The atmosphere challenges his frenzy on a drawn-out produced track by The Alchemist. Created with a slow motion effect, “Whole World” is a moody and weary concerning day of reckoning.
Shifting the destruction of doomsday into mirroring self-reflection, both rappers emphasize the sudden rush of feeling as if your whole world is crashing down. Comparing an overwhelming abundance of emotions with the grief of losing someone dear to your heart Earl and Maxo paint imagery with the production being the canvas.
The world is in a state of emergency — and Earl Sweatshirt and Maxo are the first to fully embrace the day of reckoning.

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