Four Years of Frank Ocean's 'Endless' | Watch + Listen

Constructed upon a collection of B-sides, Endless became formulated as Frank’s most experimental project yet. Upon layers and layers of scattered ideas, the project is an experience that much like the staircase in the visual, it can ascend forever, much like the process of life. Despite being 19 tracks long, the record displays an intimate attraction to the depth of Frank’s storytelling.
Endless is more of a retrospect in search of his thoughts, rather than on Blonde where Frank pinpoints the tales of his coming of age moment, this album provides a perspective to the emotions that are specific to the past and coming to terms with reality. 
Embracing the experimentation of the record, Frank complements the arrangement that travels into rap delivery, classical instrumentation, and even utilizing spoken word as the main vocal territory, all while remaining gentle, and at times minimizing the various styles implemented to provide a cohesive record.
Short yet sweet, the album taps into braggadocio on “Commes Des Garçons”, a piano Sampha like vocal moment on “Alabama”. A ballad slow burner “Higgs” and yet accessibility on “Slide on Me”. The unpolished nature of the album finds success with the distinctive tone it embodies. Through its livestream, the visual taps into the process of creation, the mysterious complex like implementation channels the opposite of the polished Blonde
Being overshadowed by the sister album, Blonde, Endless is a journey that taps into the artist, whereas Blonde taps into the person. Despite being a project that is more enjoyable listening to specific songs rather as a whole, it provides a new conceptual territory to Frank Ocean’s artistry. Frank got two versions — Endless was a personal connection to the fans, that made the wait seemed endless
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