Examining Tame Impala's 'The Slow Rush'

Just like sand through an hourglass, time simply flies by in an instant. The concept of time is one that is challenging; in a speed of a light year, the days have become a blink and you’ll miss it moment. Experiences turn to dust, and memories are of regret. Exploring the territories of the fear of losing grip of time, Kevin Parker takes a deep dive in hopes to turn back the clock, and revisit the opportunities he’s been deprived of, and thus finds himself wondering what he’s done in such years. The Slow Rush is just that, the oh so frightening reality of coming to terms of the uncertainty of the future, while continuously living in the past.

Overdosing on nostalgia, the eternal effect of being addicted to what was, while being unprepared to come face to face with the consequences of new surroundings, Kevin welcomes himself into a new strange world, one that is complicated, confusing, and frightful. Opening the new chapter of the psychedelic mind of Tame Impala, Kevin sings “do you remember we were standing here a year ago, our minds were racing, times were slow”, the introduction to the concept is clear from the get-go. "One More Year" is an outcry for stopping time but dazed on what to exactly do with it. 

But that’s the conflicting issue that comes with being a perfectionist. Considering this is Parker’s first official release since Currents, and a slew of collaborations and production credits, one would have to question if this was his destiny all along, hence the risk-taking sensibilities hinted on "Instant Destiny”. As bright, and upbeat the production throughout the album shines through, it’s an emotional, overwhelming journey that is masked by the sound. Destiny is fate, our past has shaped the exact moment of today, and Kevin is on the edge of coming to terms with it, but not necessarily ready to let go.

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