Explaining Jacob Collier’s Odd Album of the Year Nomination

Halsey called out the Grammys in a very brave Instagram post. The singer, one of the first of her caliber, exposed what many people already knew when it comes to the Grammys voting process. Many artists have the advantage to take home a trophy when you know the right people.

The “Bad At Love” singer’s statement takes a shot directly at one of 2021’s Album of the Year nominated artists, Jacob Collier. Rightfully acknowledged and recognized, the young star has ushered in with a style that tons of industry names fell in love with, including the likes of Herbie Hancock and Pharrell Williams. But what makes many skeptical about Collier’s nomination traces back to what Halsey was outspoken about.

Collier is managed and mentored by none other than Quincy Jones. The legendary blues singer is the most nominated name in Grammys history with 80 nominations. Jones is also the most awarded living person in Grammys history with 28 wins, and the second overall. His protégée, Collier, found himself lucky at the 2021 Grammys, securing the typical left-field spot in the Album of the Year category.

Industry politics comes to play with Collier’s nomination for his album ‘Djesse Vol. 3’, the album was not only ignored by critics as the album has no Metacritic score, due to no critic reviews. It was also poorly received in regard to streaming numbers. So, where did Collier’s votes come from? 

It’s not unusual for the Recording Academy to nominate artists who are typically unknown in the mainstream realm, as last year, Bon Iver and Vampire Weekend secured those spots, but they actually made sense, as they’re highly acclaimed and popular in the indie world. So again, why Collier, out of all the artists in the industry?

It’s also to note that Collier has yet to lose a Grammy when nominated, as he has already picked up 4 wins in the past. Will he keep his streak going? We’ll see what happens in January.

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