Fiona Apple Calls Out The Grammys

Fiona Apple is the latest artist to call out The Recording Academy. The elusive singer-songwriter spoke to The Guardian, and mentioned the Grammys (in which she’s nominated for 3 awards).

Apple called out the members of the Recording Academy for nominating Dr. Luke, who is credited on Doja Cat’s Record of the Year nominated hit “Say So”. Luke was involved in a scandal with pop singer Kesha, who alleged that the producer abused her. Some allegations have been dropped, and the produced has since sued Kesha for defamation.

Since then, Dr. Luke masked his identity on credits under the name “Tyson Trax”, in which Fiona Apple has an issue with. She says, “They had Kesha up there singing “Praying”, and now they’re gonna go: ‘Oh but it’s Tyson Trax”!

Kesha’s song “Praying” addressed the Dr. Luke incident, and was released in 2017. Click the link above to read the full piece. 

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