Five Years Later and Jamie xx Is Back: Idontknow Review

Half a decade ago, Jamie xx spoke volumes with his solo debut album In Colour. Since then, Jamie has subtly remained quiet, but his presence was ever so known. In 2017, Jamie returned with The XX to release the acclaimed album, I See You, while then co-writing the songs Big God for the album High As Hope by Florence + The Machine, and Nothing Breaks Like A Heart by Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus for the album Late Night Feelings in 2018. But now, Jamie xx is back with a track that previously appeared on the scene in thanks to Caribou playing the track on his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix Set late last year. 

For so long the producer tackled dance music with a delicate and gentle approach, as minimalism was his signature niche, per se, a sound that is ever so pleasing. This time around, Jamie xx kicks it up a notch on the single, Idontknow, his first release in five years.

Wasting no time, the track unravels itself with drums that sets the pace for the five-minute listening experience. Bouncing off of ideas, the sound crosses paths to various sub-genres all at once. At one point it hints at dubstep, while elements of techno kicks in, and when you least expect it, a touch of dancehall arrive. Behind the instrumentation is a layering of vocals that rotate continuously leaving listeners in a trance.

On display here is a new level for Jamie xx to master. The various techniques utilize collides over skittering beats, a renowned skill that the producer tackles. Merging everything all at once, at first sounds like a crash collision of ideas, one that sounds like an obvious attempt to experiment for the sake of experimenting. But it’s just that, an aggressive hardcore dance track. Elevating the Jamie xx sound, the song is an exploration to the endless possibilities that this creative force can come up with.

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