Frank Ocean “Little Demon” Release Updates and More

Looks like fans are one step closer to new Frank Ocean music. Customers of Blonded, Frank Ocean’s merch apparel line, were notified that a vinyl that should be received soon will be of a song that was previously premiered, and possibly a brand new song. Here you’ll find all updates in regard to the release on the vinyls.

Update (5/1): “In My Room” vinyls have finally shipped which includes the unreleased Benny Revival remix. Many fans have received their shipment, acording to the Frank Ocean subreddit nearly 2 years since they were made available for purchase.


Update (12/4): Frank Ocean has officially cancelled the release of “Little Demon”. You can find the email sent to buyers of the vinyl down below. Click here to listen to the best version of the song


Update (11/30): Tons of fans have begun to make note that their vinyl orders of “Little Demon” were shipped back to Blonded. It’s speculated that vinyl orders were shipped early, and weren’t supposed to be sent out.

Similarly, fans on the Frank Ocean sub-Reddit also posted about the issue.

CTRL contacted Blonded care and is awaiting an updated 


Update (11/10): Fans have received the new vinyls from Frank Ocean and a replacement for “Little Demon” has been unveiled to be the song “These Days”. Check back in for an official release of the song as well as an update on “Little Demon” 






Update (11/9): “Little Demon” vinyls have begun to ship. Expect a release on streaming upon delivery of the vinyls.



Blonded customer care made aware that fans will be receiving the vinyl of the song “Little Demon”. Customer care notes that the unreleased vinyl from Frank Ocean, which was teased earlier this year, has been cancelled, and now has been replaced with “Little Demon”. The song was originally premiered last year during Frank’s weekly club event PrEP+ featuring Skepta, with an additional remix by Arca.
So, what does this mean for fans who didn’t place an order for the vinyl? Well, fans can expect a release on streaming services similar to the releases of “Cayendo” and “Dear April” back in March when the vinyls of the songs were delivered to fans, which was also reported by CTRL

Stay tuned for what’s to come. 

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