Frank Ocean Updates Website and Launches Voting Registration

Update: (10/16): Frank Ocean updates website once again and will be sending out a poster and a set of postcards to remind customers to vote. Click here for more info.


On late Tuesday evening, Frank Ocean caused a frenzy after his Blonded website became password protected. While fans were hopeful that maybe, just maybe new music was going to be on the horizon, the website quickly came back up and running for a very important reason.


During the first debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden ahead of the 2020 Presidential election, Frank updated his website with a new campaign alerting fans to register to vote. The campaign allows website visitors to check their registration status, get election reminders, view voting calendar, and to vote by mail. 

In 2018 Frank Ocean provided free merchandise to fans who showed up to vote in the midterm elections. Two years later, let’s see what he has up his sleeves for 2020. 

Photo:  Credit – © Collier Schorr

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