Friends, Omar Apollo

Unapologetically groovy, Omar Apollo is breaking the rules by making a statement that is far more mature than you’d expect. Being his own stunt double, Omar is taking risks that are bold enough to leave you in awe. On the new EP, ‘Friends’, Omar sonically envisions an unscripted reality, and how the possibilities are endless. Ear-pleasing melodies that embrace the fusion of folk and funk, the EP provides the dose of euphoria that is necessary for his new school confessional. Daringly enough to dissolve into a new soundscape, the songs on the project are a strike of ambition.
Standout, ‘So Good’ is reminiscent to the familiar territories of what exactly a disco-infused track should be. Embracing the sensibilities of how to effectively genre bend, songs like ‘Kickback’ is fitting for any kickback, ‘These Days’ is an outcry for youth emotions, and ‘There For Me’, an interlude, factors simplistic instrumentation that complements his bearing soul. The best is yet to come for Omar Apollo, but the potential is already clear.   

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