From The Archives: Pharrell Names His Favorite Songs That He Produced

From hip-hop to pop to rock, Pharrell has had an helping hand in producing songs that span across any and every genre you can think of. With that, he has also worked with a range of artists that include the likes of Jay Z, Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, and Daft Punk.

To pinpoint exactly what his best produced hits would undeniably be impossible, but Pharrell made the possible happen. Back in 2013, in a archived feature with The Associated Press, the producer listed his Favorite Songs He’s Produced (click here to check out the feature).

His answers are listed below, and stream the CTRL curated "In Pharrell's Mind": A Timeline of Hits Produced by Pharrell

Usher, “U Don’t Have to Call” from “8701” (2001): “He’s just a maestro … his voice is unmatched … he supersedes what most people think he can do,” Pharrell said. “I just love when we’re able to do colorful black music. There’s nothing like that. I love all kinds of music and all genres, but obviously just colorful black music is a good feeling for me personally… We were even able to squeeze in two bridges, which is a rarity for pop radio.”

Jay Z featuring Pharrell, “So Ambitious” from “The Blueprint 3” (2009):“He just continues to get better — it’s like fine wine,” Pharrell said. “He’s something else. When you talk to him, you see purple. He’s wisdom.”

Pharrell featuring Daft Punk, “Gust of Wind” from “G I R L” (2014): “A song tells you what it needs, where it goes, or what melody is missing, or if there could be more … with ‘Gust of Wind,’ it felt good and I loved the song, but I was like, ‘Man, you know, this just feels perfect for the robots to get on the chorus and harmonize with me,'” he said. “I played it for them and instantly, you know, they’re robots and they just got right to it. There was no lag time.”

Missy Elliott, “On & On” from “The Cookbook” (2005): “That’s one of my favorite hip-hop beats I’ve done of all-time because it’s so unorthodox,” Pharrell said. “It’s Missy, so you’re working with a person that’s genius. She morphs into anything. Her spirit is super-colorful and larger than life. And she knows how to tap into another zone.”

N.E.R.D., "Life As a Fish" and "Inside of Clouds" from "Nothing" (2010): "That was an ode to awareness and the value of awareness: "Life As a Fish."

"Inside of Clouds": "the appreciation for water and what it means to our own biosphere

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