Guapdad 4000's "Lil Scammer That Could" Brings Back The Fun Into Hip-Hop

Straight out of Oakland and into the big leagues, Guapdad 4000 has remained true to his roots while remaining individualistic in his own right. Capturing attention straight out of the get go was due in part to his theatrical skills. Guapdad lives as a performance act and makes what he does fun, bringing lightheartedness back into hip-hop.

At this year’s Grammys he was the one to watch as he donned the red carpet with a head-turning look that saw him wear a 10-foot long durag. Since then for fans, new fans, and casual listeners, it was expected to expect absurdness from the rapper. And well, once again, he delivered with being as absurd as ever, this time he brought some help with him.

From Oakland to Miami, Guapdad enlists Florida native Denzel Curry for the most ridiculous song you’ll hear all year: “Lil Scammer That Could”. The new single by Guapdad is genuinely one of the most outrageous songs released by a mainstream act this year, but yet it’s strictly fun, something that the industry desperately needs more of.

Built around a title that puts a twist on a much more mature children’s lullaby, Guapdad plays the role of Dr. Seuss as he spins the classic Little Engine That Could.  With no time to breathe, he spits with envy as he’s ruthless and doesn’t hold back. Denzel then arrives and keeps the momentum from his streak of hit features as of late, and does the job, and he outperforms what was required of him.

All in all, is this a lyrically, conscious-forward, experimental, genre-shifting track? No. Does that matter? No. Should music be fun again and not take itself so seriously? Yes.

Have some fun and click here to check out the song.

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