Halsey Says Mac Miller’s Death Helped Her Leave A Previous Relationship

Halsey credits the unfortunate death of Mac Miller as her way to build up courage to leave a previous relationship. The singer opened up about a toxic relationship during an episode on the “Armchair Expert” podcast.

The “Without Me” singer bonded with the podcast host, Dax Shepard, on their mutual love and appreciation for the late Mac Miller. During the conversation, Halsey got personal, and shared how the death of the rapper impacted one of her relationships.

She said the following: I never worked with him creatively but I did know him. That was actually a real turning point for me,” Halsey said of Mac’s death. “This is a terrible thing to say because I think it puts a positive connotation on a heinously tragic event, but it gave me the courage and the faith to leave the relationship I was in. It gave me that real f–king reality check that I needed and I think it probably did the same for a lot of other people too”.

Mac Miller died at the age of 26 in September of 2018. Earlier this year, Mac’s posthumous release, Circles, was released on the same day as Halsey’ Manic.

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