Hear Kanye West’s New Song ‘Brothers’ Feat. Charlie Wilson

On the season premiere of the Irv Gotti directed BET show, TALES, Kanye West’ latest new release, ‘Brothers’, played a key-factor in the development of the episode. The series transforms the lyrics of hip-hop songs, both from the past and the present, into visual narratives.

The heartfelt track pinpoints Kanye coming to realization of his regrettable actions that caused a fallout with his brother, presumably Jay Z.  Assisted by long-time collaborator, Charlie Wilson, the song is reminiscent to the early eras of Kanye’s career, that fans can appreciate. Straightforward with his delivery, West finds himself remaining hopeful that his directness can bandage a bond that’ll never be broken. As a response to ‘Big Brother’ circa-Graduation era, it’s a full circle moment, in which reality kicks in and not every relationship is as perfect as it seems. Highlighting the trial and errors of a tremulous brotherhood, Kanye returns to a similar soundscape that everyone fell in love with. 

Much like the previous YANDHI(?) premiered song, ‘Water’ at Coachella, there is no word on official release on streaming services. For now, be sure to check it out below:

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