Igor is Tyler, The Creator's Greatest Accomplishment

Discovering a long-awaited artistic awakening, Tyler The Creator accomplished exactly everything that his career has being leading up to. 

On ‘Igor’, Tyler descriptively envisions the reality of postmodern daydreaming, an alternate universe in which he becomes ‘IGOR’, the less abrasive and aggressive character, that is unparalleled to his previous alter-egos. In context the storytelling is developed upon the cycle of a breakup, the various stages that involve heartbreak and the hopeful concept of still remaining friends in that awkward post-breakup phase. 

Executed through the eccentric elements of ‘Cherry Bomb’ along with the accessibility of ‘Flower Boy’, Tyler’s latest is a full circle moment of a near decade long career blossoming into yet another reinvention.

Introducing the world to ‘IGOR’, album opener ‘IGOR’S THEME’, is an inciting expect the unexpected welcoming that is a reoccurring theme throughout the album. Combining elements that shouldn’t work but do, listeners can instantly recognize the inspirations of Pharrell and N.E.R.D, alongside synths that may or may not be Tame Impala inspired. 

The rapping presence is scaled at a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it minimum, and it’s completely unnecessary for him to be rapping, because well, he was never really the best at doing so. On ‘Earfquake’ Tyler distorts his voice through funky undertones, assisted with a career defining Playboi Carti feature. Paying homage to ‘Graduation’ Kanye, ‘I Think’ is a bouncy invasion of instrumentation, a beaming vision of how he utilizes his inspirations, tailoring such sounds into the unstructured structure of the album.

Hypnotizing listers with repetition on ‘Running Out of Time’, while raising pulses with the exhilarating ‘New Magic Wand’, IGOR is a manifesto of ideas that is explorative and vivid, tackling relatability through soulful grooves and experimentation.

Taking a bow with the grand finale, ‘ARE WE STILL FRIENDS?’, hip-hop’s weirdest fairytale closes with a cliffhanger, allowing listeners to question what the f*ck was that? In a emotional, awe-inspiring way 

The fascination with IGOR is Tyler’s ability to shift the perspective of a generic theme, making it conceptual and experimental. Immaturity was rampant in the earlier stages of Tyler the Creator’s career, as he relied on foolishness to remain out of the box, while still solidifying himself as a distinctive voice in the realm of hip-hop.

Whether or not this album is Tyler’s best is arguable, but IGOR sought out the beauty of maturity allowing for his greatest artistic achievement.



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