In Conversation With Tyler, The Creator and Slowthai

Slowthai and Tyler, The Creator are in conversation with another. The two discuss new music, masculinity, and all things 2020.

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Tyler, the Creator—I’m a piece of shit, I owe you a verse, and yes.


slowthai—Yeah, yeah you are a motherfucker. Are you engaged?


TC—Me? No, what the fuck?


ST—What is this? How come you wear your ring on your ring finger?


TC—Because some idiot made a fucking rule saying, ‘Hey, if you put anything that’s gold, silver, whatever, on this specific finger it means you’re married.’ Everyone, for some reason, followed that fucking rule and it’s dumb as fuck. I got a nice ring and I wanted it on this specific finger.


ST—Propose to me man, come on.


TC—You fucking sicko, where you at?


ST—I’m at the yard man, I’m just in the studio.


TC—You in London?


ST—No, Frankton. When are we making something?


TC—I want to come to London and lock in for two or three days. We can make whatever, it could be music, it could be a sex tape, it could be...


ST—You got to lube me up man.


TC—Whoa, whoa, whoa, pause.


ST—No, real men don’t say pause, man. You know what I’m saying? I ain’t trying to pause, I’m comfortable in my sexuality.


TC—I’ll pause everything.


ST—Wow, why?


TC—How do you switch this camera? This is where I’m at right now.


ST—Where’s that?


TC—Northwest Washington.


ST—Why are you there?


TC—No reason, I just didn’t want to be in LA so I come here when I want to see trees and ducks and shit, it’s really pretty.


ST—You’re going to pull a ‘Little Pimp,’ innit?


TC—Dude that’s crap, I didn’t even really watch the video. I didn’t watch the video in full because I was just cringing so hard. This year’s kind of wild because every hypothetical you could think of is very possible.


ST—Yeah, the way the world is happening around you.


TC—Really funny. Of course this year sucks but I find humor in it that every hypothetical you could think of is very possible.


ST—I can’t believe none of it, everything that keeps happening, I’m like is this even a reality we are living in. I’m feeling like this is some bullshit. It’s good, it’s like watching a sitcom.


TC—Yeah, it’s like a really, really detailed comedy. The writers just keep on trying to up last season, it’s interesting.


ST—What’s next though?


TC—In the world or for me?


ST—The world, we’ll get to you in a sec but your prediction is what I want.


TC—I have no idea! That’s why I came to Washington to just look at ducks and trees and not really be on my phone or just talk about other stuff for the next two days because it’s a lot. I feel like it’s weird, I think people could read that and be like, ‘privilege,’ and make someone feel guilty. Sometimes I think about like if this was 1974 or something, whatever’s going on in a town in Montana and I live in LA, I wouldn’t really know about it because I’m focused on what’s going on in my city. Not even really my state but just my city. Now, because of the internet, we know everything that’s going on in Montana, New York, fucking India, every fucking place. It’s so much information being fed to us. Not that it’s a bad thing, you should be aware, but it being so much and you’re supposed to care about everything and people will try to make you feel guilty about not doing enough, blah, blah, blah, blah. I’m like man, fuck this, I’m going to go get a canoe for a few days, listen to some music and not worry about shit. That shit stresses you and it ages you and you’ll be gray and end up getting fucking cancer just thinking about everything, I’m off it.


ST—The fucking woods is good, man. That’s what fucked this world, I was—earlier I’d done an interview and it was this lady from Austria and she was interviewing and there was a terrorist attack. I didn’t hear about none of that, there was like four people who got shot and died or whatever. In England it’s just posts about fucking Donald Trump and Biden or whatever, I’m like how the fuck did I miss anything else going on? How is my focus, and I’m not even in America, Joe Biden and fucking Donald Trump? I was like, I want Little Pimp.


TC—Yeah, it’s the weirdest thing. Even that, your time and day is consumed with what’s going on over here, which everything has a ripple effect and that will affect everything else in the world. Maybe you just want to go get a cup of coffee next door. You probably just want to drink your coffee, just for a day but then you try to do that and people will make you feel guilty. Some people aren’t privileged [enough] to do that and some people don’t have that choice. It’s like bro, n---- I just want cream and sugar, and to drink my coffee for an hour.


ST—Even so, if you wasn’t privileged and you didn’t have the privilege, and then you work to get the privilege and then you enjoy the fruits of your labor. How the fuck can you not enjoy it? Why should you feel guilty for enjoying something you worked to achieve anyway?


TC—Again, I don’t come from money or things like that, now that I’m able to experience certain things, sometimes... that’s the weirdest thing, to get on the other side and people are like no, fuck that. It’s such a weird thing, that’s a whole different conversation and I don’t even know if I’m able to articulate it without sounding like a dick. I don’t think I’m there yet where I’m able to articulate that in the right way, maybe in a few years. I think in two years I’ll be able to articulate these thoughts in the right tone with the right vocabulary.


ST—You can’t ever win, you won’t ever win, no matter what. You can support every problem or you can be there.


TC—If money is a thing now with class and things, if everyone had the same amount of money, we would find something to hate each other on or have a competition with who has the biggest thumbs? Well if you have the smallest thumbs, we treat you like this. It never wins and we do that with skin tone now and we do it with height. We’ll never win as a species. With that said, for the time being, for the next three days I’ll be looking at ducks and water.


ST—That’s what I’m trying, I’m trying to see something like that but I’m in the middle of a lockdown. I’m going to be in this fucking city—


TC—I’m so sorry that I, again, one of the darkest times of my life personally, from Tyler’s brain—my experience was in April during quarantine, when we were for real locked down, didn’t go out, didn’t see anyone. I live in a very populated area so I didn’t get to see people walking around and stuff. I went four days without seeing people until I went to grab a bite to eat. It was, I fucking hated it, I was losing my mind. I don’t like to sit on the couch and watch Netflix, I like being outside and I like when the sun is right here. I fucking hated it so I’m sorry that you have to be on lockdown again.


ST—I’m actually quite, I’m thriving right now. Even though it’s bullshit, life hasn’t stopped for me. I’ll still be going kickboxing and shit, still doing all that. I’m going to stay in but I’m not staying in, I’m going out man. I’ve got my cross, I’ve got a motocross bike so I’m riding rather than fucking sitting in my house. If I feel, I’ll go to the locker, hit the bag and I’m fucking gone. I’m there all day, come back, have a bath, chill the fuck out and then do the same thing tomorrow.


TC—You motocross?


ST—Yeah, yeah.


TC—I saw a video of you but I didn’t know you, for real, was into it like that.


ST—I want a deal, that’s why I’m getting ready man. I’m trying to get ready for a fight, that’s what I want to do. I want have this kickboxing shit on lock and I’m trying to smash something for now man.


TC—Wow you kick box, that’s fire.


ST—That’s what I’m saying. Motocross, that and football, and then just music at the moment.


TC—How long have you been kickboxing for?


ST—I’d done it when I was younger but then I started about two months ago now. I’m getting good, I’m getting my question mark kick. I’m getting my tornado kick, then I’ll worry about the round about.


TC—You would probably fuck me up.


ST—Yeah I would fuck you up.


TC—You would, I’m definitely faster than you.


ST—No man, we’ve got to race. I see you racing everybody and I’m like no, this guy is not quick. I’ll Usain Bolt your ass.


TC—Listen, we could set it up, we could put one of our houses on it.


ST—I’m not getting one, I’m still trying to get a house. I’ll bet you the house I’m buying and then we can run.


TC—We can put anything on it.


ST—What do you want? I’ll tell you what...


TC—I’m dusting your shit.


ST—I’ll tell you what, listen to this, I will bet you if I win, yeah, you have to do everything I ask for a year. For a year, you’ve got to do it. If I ask you to, if you got to bungee jump off the fucking Empire State, we’ll make it happen. If it’s fucking, I don’t know some dumb shit, it’s got to happen. You state your claim, I’ll do it.


TC—You’ll be the sixth person that’s like, I’ll beat you, and then it’s like okay and then I’ll race you and you lose and then n----s is looking like uhhh... It always happens like this. I think it’s cute.


ST—I’ll tell you what, I’m a cheap motherfucker but listen to this, I’ll win and you’re my bitch for a year.


TC—I think you want to date me.




TC—I think that’s what that is, I think you just want to date me. We can talk about that later but...


ST—I’m engaged dummy, I’m actually engaged, I’m engaged.


TC—What’s his name?


ST—You twat. I’ve got a Katarina man, she’s from Russia. She’s upstairs, she’s chilling.


TC—That’s nice.




TC—It’s going to be weird when you tell her that I beat you with these legs bro. Pause.


ST—Blah, blah, blah it’s not a possibility. Hey, listen, name a place, name a date and we’ll do this.


TC—I got a house where I store, I got a bunch of dirt bikes and ATVs and shit, four-wheelers, next time you come to LA, you should definitely come by and see what it’s about.


ST—What, you got land?




ST—Let’s go brother, I’m ready. I’m ready.


TC—I can’t figure the dirt bike shit out because that shit is heavy but I love the four-wheeler, I love the ATV. I love that shit.


ST—I bought my first dirt bike. What have you got?


TC—I honestly don’t fucking know. I went in there and I was like I like this, I like this, give me this.


ST—A Banshee.


TC—It’s something, one of them is a Yamaha I think. I got a Suzuki. I couldn’t, if someone had a gun to my head right now and said tell me what you have, it’s a dub, I’m dead.


ST—When are you coming here then?


TC—I don’t know. I wanted to come out there and be a little hoe because I got some things out there, you feel me. They were like, they’re going on another lockdown. I’m like you fucking lying and then there you have it, the guy’s on another lockdown.


ST—It’s only a month, yeah, it’s a month man. Come tomorrow, a month.


TC—A fucking month. Who knows, I hope we don’t go on another one out here in America, I really hope we don’t.


ST—If you get Biden you’ll go on lockdown, if you get Donald Trump it’s a free for all motherfucker, you’re running free.


TC—Yeah, I don’t... I haven’t been paying as much attention in the last few days as people make me think I should have. Hopefully that’s not true if Biden wins that we’re on another lockdown. I don’t know.


ST—I don’t know man.


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