In Pharrell's Mind: The Mastermind Behind The Hits




 Sharing his genius by producing for what it seems like every name in the industry, Pharrell has left his mark with his signature sound on decades of hits. The timeless collection produced by Pharrell is just a glimpse behind his capabilities of helping to build the foundation for new artists and already established artists.

From reshaping pop music with his work on Britney Spears’ I’m A Slave 4 U, to producing 43% of the songs on the radio in 2003, to making the ultimate comeback with Daft Punk on Get Lucky, Pharrell’s timeline is proof that he’s done it all. But one of his most notable pieces of work was when he turned heads with In My Mind

Solidifying his status as a producer and performer with The Neptunes and N.E.R.D, Pharrell dominated the mainstream soundscape with his signature sound. Today that exact sound is easily recognizable, and traces back to the early 2000s where he assisted the who’s, who, of music. At one point Pharrell decided to transition from being the guest star, to the main attraction on his debut solo album, In My Mind, and at that time it was a shaky mishap, but today it’s a worthy album to revisit and celebrate.

Crooning over a sinister collection of beats, he lets his ego run wild, and even Pharrell himself admitted the album had “no purpose”, and he “wrote those songs out of ego”. Despite the negative perception of the album by critics, and Williams himself, it’s a slap in the face to his impact of defining a generation to be “cool”, and accepting listeners to expand their interests.

Revisiting the album, it is fueled off of nostalgia driven hits such as Can I Have It Like That, Number One, and Angel, all significant to the early 2000s, and prove Pharrell can hold his own. Despite being considered a misstep, In My Mind, presented Pharrell’s ability to hustle his way to the top. 

With decades of hits, it's hard to keep up with every song he put his signature touch on. Stream "In Pharrell's Mind", the definitive essential playlist of the greatest hits produced by Pharrell, The Neptunes, and N*E*R*D.

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