James Blake Shares New Love Song: You're Too Precious

James Blake is in love, and he wants the whole world to know. After discovering the light in his long-lasting battle of being in the dark, Blake emphasized the uplifting emotions of being in a relationship on last years, Assume Form. Returning a year later, he continues to celebrate the awarding complexities of the beauty of being in love. Providing listeners with a glimpse of hope in these times of need, James Blake stuns on his new single, You’re Too Precious.

Allowing his fantasies to be in control, Blake daydreams of a sweet escape with the one who he is inspired by. In an atmosphere that is charged by his abilities to create a specific soundscape, he renews his signature sound to challenge his maturity. Reminiscent to the experimental, If The Car Besides You Moves Ahead, the song relies on various vocal illusions. Overwhelmed by a high-pitched vocal rendition, it remains consistent in the techniques Blake utilizes to pull out tricks that give longtime fans a nostalgic appreciation to his previous work. 

Tender instrumentation that is calm and subtle, the piano and drums complement the sweet love letter that Blake is trying to send. You’re Too Precious isn’t Blake’s most forward sounding effort, nor will it have a continuous impact to playing a role in his sound in the future, but it’s a delightful number that is most pleasant to the ears.

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