Jessie Ware 'What's Your Pleasure?' | Album Review

Shattering a disco ball, Jessie Ware picks up the pieces to leave her mark on this modern disco revival. Finding the perfect match between throwback-and-current, the U.K singer puts her on twist to the reoccurring mainstream love affair with the sounds of the late 70’s club music.

Luxurious in sound, What’s Your Pleasure? finds Jessie Ware immediately setting the tone for a sweet escape. As a tribute to the club scene of the height of the disco movement, Ware guides listeners into her own world of a shimmering delight of dance-music. Built through undertones of soft melancholy, the atmosphere throughout the record is highlighted with specific vocal deliveries that aren’t overshadowed by the polished production.

The dreamy opener “Spotlight” is the ultimate getaway into the house that was built on the inspirations that are instantly apparent. Ethernal effect follows with each song – the title track is sultry and sophisticated. A slick but sexy number that sees Jessie Ware fully in control of this disco revolution. Songs such as “Ooh La La” and “Soul Control” has the songstress being dominant and fully commanding to her partner, but while remaining true to her delight.

Consistent in sound, the disco sound isn’t overbearing, nor is it reliant on obvious synths to capture the throwback sound. Instead it’s a mature romantic love-affair with the effect of getting lost underneath the disco ball. Much like what The Weeknd did on “Blinding Lights”, Jessie Ware plays with the nightlife experience to fully commit to building a plot based on the obvious setting. Flirtatious with hints of full domination, Ware prioritizes passion on songs such as “Save A Kiss”, “Adore You”, and “In Your Eyes”. 

In search of what glues together pleasure and pain, Jessie Ware fills the void in her expedition with an attention stealing personality that shines on every song. Utilizing mind control to her advantage, Ware doesn’t miss a step. Knowledgeable and respectable with blending the past and present of this disco revival, Jessie Ware makes it clear it wouldn't have been complete without her effort.

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