Jet Black, Anderson .Paak

On his last release, ‘Oxnard’, it seemed as if Anderson .Paak got lost in the sauce, and relied too heavily on a Dr. Dre inspired album. But, ‘Ventura’, is .Paak’s return to form, as it implements the elements of every feel good song of his (which is getting repetitive), and it’s much more consistent. Achieving with its stripped back, soulful, jazz-like approach, it delivered with the complements of the features. ‘Ventura’ was the safest choice possible for the star, as it depended on the signature sound that fans appreciated from ‘Malibu’. Best on the album? ‘Jet Black’
As infectious as it’s groovy, ‘Jet Black’ borrows from the bouncy-dance floor ready production, that’s been evident in .Paak’s music, but kicked up a notch. Oozing charisma through an irresistible funk, Anderson places himself in the forefront gently tapping into traditional R&B while modernizing along the way. The rare appearance by Brandy provides a subtly raspy-angelic vocal moment, and brings the song to life. The main criticism with ‘Oxnard’ was Anderson .Paak’s felt forced, whereas ‘Ventura’, primarily on ‘Jet Black’, it revives the charm that we all appreciate, its effortless, confident, and makes you feel damn good

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