Joji Has Never Sounded Better: "Nectar" Singles Reviewed

Becoming an internet sensation due to his trolling sensibilities, George Miller mysteriously released music on SoundCloud under the name as Joji. Surging the interest of lo-fi beats and emotional outcries, the singer-songwriter captured the attention of fans around the world. Miller’s big breakthrough was due in part of 88rising becoming interested in his releases. The mostly Asian music collective which is comprised of acts such as Rich Brian and NIKI, provided a fresh of breath air with Joji joining the team and then, the rest was history.  

After a slew of releases under the alas Pink Guy, and an EP titled In Tongues, Joji released his debut album, BALLADS 1 in 2018. The first full length project by the singer songwriter marked a strategic progression, one that transformed him from being a bedroom SoundCloud artist to a one-of-a-kind sensation. Two years later, Joji is gearing up to release Nectar, his sophomore album. Sanctuary, Run, and Gimme Love are three tracks that have helped launch the new era, and each release prove that Joji is at the best stage of his career, as he’s never sounded any better than he does now. 

Here are track-by-track reviews of the first taste of Joji’s new album, Nectar 


Leaving listeners in awe with a newly improved ballad, Joji stuns on Sanctuary. Tracing itself for an explosive climax, the song builds with a haunting space of silence that slowly paces with momentum during the verses. Invading into the chorus, Joji blasts off with a euphoric experience like no other. Sanctuary is a polished and refined sound that amps up the Joji brand.



Cinematically displaying an eerie outcry of emotions, Joji is the star and the sole character to his faith to escape. On Run, the singer songwriter displays an unprecedented amount of maturity that leaves listeners in awe. Through layering of breathy vocals and psychedelic production, Run is a haunting series of events in just under 4 minutes. 

Gimme Love:


Constructed upon various layers of sounds, Gimme Love the third single from Joji’s sophomore album Nectar, is the singer-songwriter’s most impressive to date. On the song, Joji displays a highlight wheel of everything that has led up to this stage in his career. On the first half of the song, he reminisces to the beloved lo-fi instrumentation and dark R&B aesthetic of his early stages as an artist. Meanwhile the latter half of the song marks a departure to Joji from the past and introduces the Joji of the now. With a repetitive chorus that makes his affection believable, Gimme Love is a journey that launches a new era for the singer. 

Joji's new album, Nectar is set to be released on July 10th. Stream the three singles on CTRL's weekly updated playlist, NEW TUNES NOW!

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