Juice WRLD and The Weeknd Release Posthumous Collab “SMILE”

On Tuesday evening, The Weeknd teased fans with a collaboration that they’ve been waiting for. The “Heartless” singer revealed that he would be releasing his official collaboration that he recorded with Juice WRLD.

The tweet that sent fans in a frenzy read: “XO + 999 Thursday night”. The “999” is a reference to the late Juice WRLD, while the “XO” references The Weeknd (of course).



This posthumous collaboration was something Juice WRLD had alluded to in the past. Fans dug up an old tweet from Juice which read “Me and The Weeknd would make a diamond record”.



And a year later after that tweet, the two in fact did make a diamond record. The song is a hopeful tune that looks past the heartbreak and moving forward for a brighter relationship. Juice WRLD sings “I’d do anything in my power to just see you smile”. Meanwhile, The Weeknd lives up to his heartless persona promising that whatever is in his phone will guarantee to break hearts: “You don’t wanna see what’s in my phone, it’s just going to hurt you”. 

“Smile” is a surefire hit! Both artists mesh effortlessly together, with two similar melancholic styles, this collaboration was long overdue.

Juice WRLD’s posthumous album Legends Never Die held the biggest first week debut of 2020 dethroning The Weeknd’s own After Hours, before Taylor Swift released her album folklore.

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