Kali Uchis and Rico Nasty Are In Control On New Song “Aquí Yo Mando”

For another all-star female collaboration that has just been released, Kali Uchis and Rico Nasty are dynamic on the new single “Aquí Yo Mando”.

The single is sung predominately in Spanish, which follows the route that Kali presented on last year’s “Solita”. On this sultry number, Kali finds herself unapologetically in charge playing the dominant role.

“Aquí Yo Mando” is slick, sleek, and sexy. A collaboration that finds Rico Nasty comfortable singing and rapping back-and-forth in English and Spanish. The sweet surprise of Rico in her bilingual element gives the song a spark and ultimately makes this collaboration work.

Kali Uchis manages to match Rico’s usual high intensity energy, as she is charged up unlike ever before. While it is ultimately a pop song, it shines with the urbano influences provided by Tainy who controls the production.

Kali recently released her quarantine style EP To Feel Alive in May, meanwhile Rico Nasty has been on a hot strike with releases including “POPSTAR”

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