Kali Uchis is the best breakthrough star of the year

Theres no greater life and times triumph than Kali Uchis escaping her isolation. Highlighting the identities that are specific to her individuality, Kali’s greatest accomplishment, is her vivid storytelling that could be the plot for a Quentin Tarantino film. Remaining mysteriously soulful, Kali embodies the imperfections of Amy Winehouse, inviting listeners to her escapade (Body Language), while bending genres along the way and creating a safe space that is entirely necessary for the state of the nation.
Rebelling against conforming to societies expectations (Miami, Just A Stranger), Kali challenges her worth (Your Teeth in My Neck), reassuring that she’ll overcome the obstacles that she’s faced against. Amongst all themes of the album, Kali remains true to her roots, utilizing the sounds of Colombia (Nuestro Planeta), as well as an Old Hollywood aesthetic, to break the rules, as she transcends retro and contemporary. Kali Uchis has all the qualities to be a superstar, as she constantly adds layers to her complexity, we’re slowly witnessing as she unravels them all. 

Kali impressively stands out as she transcends retro and contemporary for one of the best debut albums of the decade. Bringing her album to life, the music videos for ‘Tyrant’, ‘After The Storm, and ‘Just A Stranger’, descriptively adds another layer to Kali’s storytelling.

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