Kanye West and Kid Cudi | 'Kids See Ghosts' Review

Lord shined his light on us, and gave us comfort, madness, and sincerity. Redeeming themselves beyond public perception, Kanye West and Kid Cudi, on Kid’s See Ghost are at ease within themselves, a therapeutic session that brought out the best out of the both of them. Ten years since 808’s & Heartbreak, Kanye and Cudi have embraced the emotions that have impacted their lives, and in retrospect, the two have shared a spiritual connection ever since.

On the self-titled album, the two bounces off of a wave of influences, rather it be dimensions Cudi has already explored such as soft-rock, or new expeditions for the both with the psychedelic sounds — it defines the aura of the project to be so haunting yet so therapeutic. An extravaganza that is a beautiful madness, it is a journey to defeat the demons and keep moving forward. 

On the highlight “Reborn”, the repetitive outro is a hypnotic expedition that is compelling to provide hope within the state of mind. On “Kids See Ghosts”, it is a concept of the loss of innocence within growing up, and the vision that was once so clear, had lost its purity. Further along, “Fire” is an outcry for forgiveness, and on “Cudi Montage” which is reliant on the insane Kurt Cobain sample, it explores the two becoming reliant on faith and to close out the theme of overcoming the pain. A journey that took ten years in the making is a psychedelic wave of hypnotizing effects that steps into the madness of Kanye & Cudi’s nightmare.

The expedition travels in search for inner peace, and forgiveness for the sake of sanity, accepting life and all its mistake provide the capability to accept the inner demons that exhausts us, but don’t define us. Kids See Ghosts is the redemption project for Kanye West and Kid Cudi that was desperately needed. Bringing out the best out of each other, the two reminded us that they’re capable of anything, and everything, with some of Kanye’s best verses, Cudi return to glory, holy hums and absurd samples, it’s a spooky, spine tingling heaven meets hell spectacle. As a testimony to life and all the beautiful madness that is, Kids See Ghosts, is a transcending moment that baptized us all.

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