Kanye West Can Potentially Face Three Years In Prison For Electoral Fraud

Update: It looks like Michelle Obama had something to say during DNC 2020: "This is not the time to withhold our votes in protest or play games with candidates who have no chance of winning

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Since announcing his candidacy, Kanye West’s presidential bid has been hard to keep up with. Fighting to appear on ballots, Kanye has vowed to do anything possible, even electoral fraud.

Kanye has filed petitions to appear on the presidential ticket in 10 states but has only managed to secure a spot on Oklahoma’s ballot. Despite meeting the deadlines for Illinois and New Jersey, both states have disregarded West’s eligibility. The decision had been made after it appeared that majority of the signatures submitted were invalid.

Chicago’s WTTW reported that he was 1,300 signatures short of the required 2,500 that is needed to appear on the Illinois ballot. Upon realization that the signatures submitted were invalid, the 46th Ward Democratic committee member, Sean Tenner, investigated Kanye’s petition. 

It was also noted by NJ.com that his campaign withdrew petition hours before a scheduled hearing to determine the validity of his application. This happened after the election lawyer questioned over 700 signatures that his team submitted. Florham Park-based elections attorney Scott Salmon says he found hundreds of suspicious signatures of people who were not registered to vote or don’t live in New Jersey.

New York Times investigated Kanye’s campaign and found that Mark Jacoby, a Republican activist, has helped West to get on the ballot. In 2008, Jacoby was arrested on voter-fraud charges and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor. 

As of now, no official charges have been filed against West, but as the investigation continues, Kanye West can potentially face three years in prison.

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