Kanye West Releases “Wash Us In The Blood” Featuring Travis Scott

Kanye West officially releases the lead single off of his forthcoming album God’s Country, featuring Travis Scott.

Just shy of a year from releasing his ninth studio album Jesus Is King, anticipation for a new Kanye West has begun. The song titled “Washed in the Blood” was previously mentioned in his GQ cover story and now it’s available to the world.

The song is dominant over electronic production that is reminiscent to the sounds from his album Yeezus. Not stirring away from being political, West focuses on topics that range from mass incarceration to genocide to slavery.

Lyrics to the song goes:

“Wash us in the blood - Wash us in the blood - Whole life selling drugs - Washed us in the blood Holy Spirit come down - Holy Spirit we need you now”. 

While the sound achieves artistic progression, it’s remains in the realm of the Christian-worship music from Jesus is King. Cinematographer Arthur Jafa directed the video as well as created the cover art. 

In May, during an Instagram live conversation with fashion director Michele Lamy, Jafa revealed that he'd been working on a music video with Kanye West: “I’ve been really really busy, I’ve been working on this video with Kanye West”, he says.

Jafar then mentioned that the single was intended to be released the following week as the lead single to his new album. But now it’s finally here.

Click here to stream the song.

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