Kendrick Lamar Facing A Lawsuit Over “LOYALTY”

Kendrick Lamar is now involved in a copyright lawsuit in regard to his 2017 hit “LOYALTY”. The track featuring Rihanna is now the center of a copyright infringement lawsuit.

Terrance Hayes is taking both Kendrick Lamar and co-producer, Terrace Martin to court. Hayes claims that the production of “LOYALTY” was taken from his 2011 song also entitled “Loyalty”. Producers Terrace Martin, and Josef Leimberg, as well as Top Dawg Entertainment as a whole are also defendants in the lawsuit. 

Hayes revealed that he recorded his “Loyalty” back in 2011 with Leimberg, and that the recording was locked in safely as a private session on Leimberg’s computer. The lawsuit states that Kendrick’s “LOYALTY” “copied the entire composition, including title, melody, harmony and rhythm”.

Hayes is seeking all royalties from Lamar’s hit as well as all the losses of “Plaintiff”, and any other profits gained from the defendants through the infringement, as well as legal fees. 

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