Kendrick Lamar Interviews Baby Keem

Kendrick Lamar returns to the limelight. The rapper graces the cover of the 40th anniversary of I-D Magazine alongside his protégée, and cousin, Baby Keem. The rising rapper gets interviewed by Lamar as they discuss family, music, and pgLang.

On his new album Kendrick Lamar says

I get it, that’s what will take me so long to do albums (laughs). I spend the whole year just thinking about how I’m gonna execute a new sound, I can’t do the same thing over and over. I need something to get me excited. I see you.

On pg-lang

“It’s a good thing to have people who understand your creative language. I always go back to the language and that’s how we damn near made this company. You have to be able to share and experience the same language, or teach another language.”


Along with the interview, the two launch a new video for pgLang entitled “Propaganda”. Click here to read the interview, and watch the new video above. 

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