Kendrick Lamar Vows To Separate The Art From The Artist On New Song

Kendrick Lamar’s forthcoming album has been on the mind of fans for years now. Since the release of last solo album DAMN back in 2017, Lamar’s next album has been highly anticipated.

In the era of short attention spans and the fast consumption of music, fans have become impatient for new music now more than ever.  While it’s been three years since his last official release, much more music from Kendrick Lamar has caught the attention of fans with newly surfaced songs arriving and making an impact online.

Fans of the rapper have sought out one of Kendrick Lamar’s best unreleased songs, the 2018 “Prayer”. The song which highlights the trial and error of the consumption of art within society, is a retrospective tale that places itself in the forefront of career highlights.

Refrencing the likes of Michael Jackson and Dr. Martin Luther King, Lamar takes an in-depth perspective on the sacrifice of what it means to be controversial, and why people from the outside looking in, should be cautious on how their choice of cancelation of a creator, can cause a greater damager than one would think.

Looking deep into the perspective of the artist, Kendrick questions the mortality of separating art from the artist. The song references Jackson 5’s classic hit “ABC” and MLK Jr’s historical “I Have a Dream” speech. 

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